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Meet Academic Advantage
Our Strategic Partner for Test Preparation and Tutoring.

In many large testing/tutoring centers it’s not uncommon to see one instructor working with four to five students at a time. Fortunately, Seth and Marla Hochman knew there was a better way.  Academic Advantage was started with the simple notion that students can improve with the right techniques and a passionate teacher!

At Academic Advantage, students work one-on-one with students—or in small groups—upon request.  In most cases, in-home tutoring/test prep is available for convenience.  Parents are often surprised to learn that it costs about the same to have one-on-one tutoring as it does to have a student share one teacher with other students. Most importantly, students learn better because of the individualized attention and instruction is tailored to their needs.

Boca Raton SAT and ACT Tutoring PrepOur instructors are either certified, highly-skilled and, most importantly, enjoy what they do. We believe that passion comes across and makes a tremendous difference, and when teachers are knowledgeable and energized about what they are teaching, students learn and thrive!  Academic Advantage covers nearly all subjects and tests.

One-on-one Test Preparation services:  SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT and SATII Subject Tests

Tutoring services available for: Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, English, AP Science and AP History and more.

Academic Advantage serves clients in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Students range from as young as Pre-Kindergarten to students in their eighties.

For more information about Academic Advantage’s services,
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