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Take out your camera!!  
Look through the lens and what do you see?  On August 15, 2016, my Facebook Newsfeed was filled with back-to-school pictures taken by proud parents of smiling, confident students. The posts below the pictures:  “first day of senior year”, “starting high school”, “off to pre-school”!  I admit, my coffee table displays a photo taken pre-Facebook of my daughter (now a successful engineer) carrying her 101 Dalmatians lunchbox to her first day of pre-school.  The beaming faces last August were filled with anticipation.


It’s time to take another picture.  Go ahead and look through your lens. What do you see?


If your student is now a senior (class of 2018!), I’ll have more to say below about important changes in the Common Application, college essays and getting started on College Applications.


For students entering 6th to 11th grades in August 2017, take a picture this final week of school. Another year of academic, extracurricular and personal experiences with family and friends has further shaped each student’s character, provided lasting memories, perhaps opened new windows into a student’s strengths or interests (both personal and academic) and maybe, a teacher has impacted your student to solidify or introduce an emerging academic/career interest.
What does your latest picture reveal?
Maybe it was a great year. Your student stayed healthy, learned to drive, deepened friendships, discovered an unknown passion in a volunteer capacity, enjoyed classes, or simply kept their room clean!


Maybe it was challenging year.  Your student was bullied, dealt with a nasty separation from a friend circle, your family lost a loved one or anxieties over the pressures of school were overwhelming and spilled over into your family harmony.


Perspective is important and the end of the school year is a time for introspection and reflection.  Students and parents can seize the opportunity to dialogue about habits that that worked well both within and outside the classroom.


What academic subjects and extracurricular activities were joyful, which were stressful and which present opportunities to make adjustments to time management and learning strategies?


Whether your pictures are of students celebrating with family and friends, competing in sports, DECA, debate or FIRST Robotics or simply a wonderful family vacation – look at your pictures and connect the dotted lines. Be amazed by the engaging young adult who will very soon be off to college.


As an educational and college admissions consultant, I invite you to leverage my experience providing pre-college advising to thousands of young adults.  Whether your student thinks they have a confirmed academic interest or they’re still exploring, please click to schedule your Educational and College Admissions Assessment creating an individual Strategic Educational Plan.
Through guided reading, hands-on exercises and extracurricular activities, students at all grade levels should be focused on exploring a variety of academic/career paths that capitalize on their strengths and emerging interests.

Everyone should discover their passion!


I also invite you to click to read Mark Zuckerberg’sinspiring message to Harvard’s class of 2017 emphasizing the importance of the power of individual connections within our local and global communities.
As you begin work on your college applications, I encourage you to revisit newsletters shared the past few months. Here are links:
Whether you’re ready to write your college essays or just beginning to research colleges and majors, or perhaps you want to create a customized summer reading plan to explore or deepen an academic/personal interest, I invite you to contact me to schedule your Educational and College Planning Assessment available for rising seniors and all middle and high school students.
Best wishes for a restful and joyful summer!
Take great pictures to capture wonderful memories!