Greetings Middle and HIgh School Students and Families,

Recently many high school juniors participated in a within-school SAT testing day —

did you know you can cancel your SAT and ACT score without penalty?


To do so, on the day of the test, simply walk into your exam administrator’s office at the test site and complete the necessary forms to cancel.  Alternatively you can return the Request to Cancel Test Scores form through overnight mail or fax it to the College Board. There is no online option to cancel SAT scores online or via email so do make sure to click the link and follow the path which must be received by the College Board by  This path to canceling your test scores is also time sensitive; the College Board needs to receive your score cancellation request no later than 11:59 pm (Eastern Time) on the Thursday following your exam date.

If you have questions about SAT vs ACT, ScoreChoice, Super Scoring or Score Cancel options- or about the discontinued SATII Subject Tests and the impact on our Common App 2021-22 college application — please reach out for an introductory conversation to ask questions about college applications and the college admissions process.



College Applications and Common Application College Essays

Rising Seniors (Class of 2022):  Our JUNE WRITERS BLOCK workshop is always a huge success and we hope you’ll be joining us remotely.  We will also repeat our popular FALL SUNDAY SERIES resuming in August .  Our goal is to provide both motivated students and “procrastinators” the supportive environment they need to dedicate time to work on completing their Common/Coalition CORE essays and applications.

College Consultant Bonnie Rabin, PhD June Writers’ Block College Essay Workshop


As an Educational and College Admissions Consultant, my educational philosophy and approach encourages students to explore their interests and take charge of their educational journey.  My practice focuses on providing pre-college and undergraduate academic advising and I invite you to leverage my extensive knowledge of the curriculum for all majors (STEM, business, humanities, arts).  I truly enjoy introducing young adults to fields of study that are unique and outside the “expected” path.   My practice connects me with students across majors and at all academic levels, starting as early as 8th grade.  I am a nationally recognized STEM College Advising specialist in addition to serving students interested in Business, Humanities, the Arts and Pre-health professions.  I very much look forward to hearing what has sparked your student’s emerging academic interests. I’m sure you have many questions about educational/curriculum planning and college admissions. Let’s chat!  833.MY.ESSAY

My blog and YouTube videos provide information on variety of relevant topics and a solid glimpse of the knowledge and passion I have for my work with young adults.   Unlike traditional college consultants, I don’t envision College Advising success as limited to college admissions outcomes. A young adult’s experiences throughout high school should ensure a seamless transition to the undergraduate community—academically and socially. A successful Educational & College Admissions Plan creates opportunities throughout high school for academic and personal growth. My student-centered practice supports each student’s unique goals.

It is indeed never too early to begin taking steps to ensure your student has a long-term education plan that fosters their love of learning, solid time management skills and a directed and joyful path towards their undergraduate experience.

I’m often asked- what’s your typical student like, and how do you define success?

There’s no “typical” – as every teen and family in my practice are unique and amazing.  I serve students of all academic levels with emerging interests in STEM, Business, Humanities, and the Creative Arts.  My College Consulting practice is based locally in Boca Raton, FL and Boulder, CO – and remotely wherever you are.

As a college advisor– If there’s one thing I can guarantee you — it’s that there’s no magic formula for being accepted into a selective university, but I can guarantee you that building an Educational & College Admissions Plan as early as eighth grade will greatly increase the likelihood that a student will become intrinsically motivated and prepared for academic success. The data are revealing– those students who are curious- exploring emerging interests throughout middle and high school will find their “niche” – both personally and academically.  Doing so will not only increase chances of college admissions success – but more importantly- students who are curious will thrive as undergraduates and beyond.

Curiosity is the essential ingredient to building joy, motivation and direction. EXPLORATION builds confident teens and emerging young adults!  Parents, teachers and college advisors all assume a collective role to supporting emerging young adults to finding their academic and personal path.


My educational philosophy and approach guides students to defining and learning more about the types of “problems” they might solve.  Every student has so many potential opportunities.  None of this needs to be determined at 14 to 17 years old- but being aware of the myriad of educational pathways is essential to selecting the right college to attend.

High school is a time for academic and personal discovery.  Developing and sustaining a passion for learning cannot be overstated.  Sometimes that discovery is sparked by coursework and other times it is through an extracurricular experience. My role is serving as an expert and experienced resource in selecting those experiences that help students find a meaningful and joyful educational path.  The college application process is stress free when you’ve been exploring options with an open mind throughout high school.


You’re invited to leverage my 30+ years of university experience and passion for working with young adults. I’m told students are inspired by our work together and parents observe changes taking place as their emerging young adults become confident, motivated and directed high school students.  I truly look forward to the opportunity to be of service to your family.


For parents, I provide a detailed discussion about the financial aid process so that we are making cost-effective decisions ahead- this including campus visits (junior year) and college applications.  No matter how strong a high school each student attends, I hear repeatedly of how GCs can fall short in advising as they are simply overwhelmed.  I’m based in South Florida and Boulder, CO and  I work with students in-person in both locations and with students virtually nationwide.  If you know of family and friends leading a busy life-style, my services are available on-demand through video conferencing on both SKYPE and ZOOM platforms.  Thank you in advance for your referral.

College Planning -

College Application – Planning with College Advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD



Congratulations to our clients!

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Please contact me to schedule an introductory phone conversation and I look forward to meeting you at your student’s Strategic Educational & College Admissions Assessment. I hope you‘ll reach out to begin the discovery process together.

Have a wonderful week!



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