Whether you’re a Rising Senior getting ready to begin your applications or an 8th or 9th grade student evaluating the year and making plans for continued success throughout high school- your goal should always be focused on learning — learning not only at school, but learning about yourself in ways that allow you to lead joyful and impactful experiences.

I often meet young adults –whether in South Florida, New York City, Chicago or the West Coast– and students seem to think they have already decided the field that they want to study as undergraduates and even as graduate students! Their enthusiasm is wonderful, but at times these early academic/career choices rest upon preconceived notions about their interests and  misinformation about a given field of study.
As young adults, high school is the time to learn more about EVERYTHING and rule out nothing. 


The essential process of  discovery includes exploring a variety of academic disciplines many of which may yield a rewarding and joyful educational and career path.   Given  my curriculum expertise at the undergraduate and graduate levels, I continue to  encourage students to explore to find a unique path.  College advising isn’t simply about getting into college– or completing your college applications. Your focus on college application success is and should be more comprehensive.
With a few hundred academic majors and nearly 4000 undergraduate colleges, it’s very unlikely that the high school curriculum and extracurricular experiences enjoyed thus far have put all of the available and amazing college options on your student’s radar.
THAT IS STEP 1 your   College admissions exploration process!!  Let me help your student explore undergraduate curriculum maps and  faculty research institutes to discover the “problem” they want to solve? Where will your student make an impact!?
The college application process can be stressful for parents and students alike. High school juniors  -you’re invited to complete your Common Application Core Essay  before your summer vacation. Register to attend my multi-day June Writers Block workshop.
WORKSHOP GOAL:  Build your Admission Strategy, Complete your Common Application and Core Essay
Parents can rest assured knowing that their student will receive personalized and knowledgeable attention before, during and after the workshop. Students can “chill” knowing that completion of the workshop will provide them with the peace-of-mind needed for a more relaxing summer leaving plenty of time to recharge for their challenging senior year!
Finding Your Passion:
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There’s a major field of study to match the unique strengths and interests of every young adult!  With nearly 4,000 colleges offering an impressive number of traditional and cutting edge majors and minors, it can indeed be overwhelming to navigate the maze of available degree options.
As a university professor, I’ve designed and approved accredited curriculum programs for several universities.  Having spent thirty years advising thousands of students, I invite your family to leverage my knowledge of curriculum requirements and discover an academic area your student will be truly passionate about.
The more you know about your interests and your strengths, the more likely you’ll embark upon a path that is joyful and rewarding. 
How do parents and students select their “best-fit” colleges and decide where to apply and if accepted, where to enroll?
Great choices begin with student inspired research!  
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Establish Educational Goals: A student’s initial exploration of the 4000 potential collegesshouldn’t be driven by name recognition but through a guided and purposeful exploration of college majors, followed by a review of the “social” fit.
Whether you love or hate science, want to change the world, enjoy drawing, solving problems, singing or surfing the web, a student’s passions and interests should ALWAYS direct the college research process.
College Admissions Insights: HOW TO SELECT A COLLEGE and A MAJOR
College Admissions Insights: HOW TO SELECT A COLLEGE and A MAJOR


  • What subjects do you really enjoy and do the concepts come naturally to you?
  • What are your personal strengths?
  • Are you a natural problem solver?
  • Are you creative?
  • Do you enjoy  interactions with and helping others?
  • Is having a broad based education important to you or would you rather prepare yourself for a very specific occupation (or be honest- income level)?
  • What types of news stories on your twitter and Facebook feeds do you actually gravitate towards?
Answering these questions helps you to
navigate through the curriculum requirements for majors currently on your radar and those you haven’t yet considered.
The more you learn about potential areas of study, career paths and specific colleges, the easier it becomes to make informed decisions about where to apply and enroll.   By selecting universities that meet both your academic and social needs you’re more likely to be happy and successful in pursing educational goals.   Do your research!
Speak with your guidance counselor, admissions officers, alumni, current and former students.
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I invite you to leverage my extensive knowledge of university curricula and my experience advising thousands of high school, undergraduate and graduate students navigating curriculum choices to set and realize educational and career goals.  Based on your academic strengths and personal interests, I welcome the opportunity to work together to create your personalized strategic educational plan.
8th to 10th Grade families 
It’s time for your strategic educational check-up/
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This is also the appropriate time of year to review extracurricular activities and set goals for the summer and the next academic year.
Whether you’re ready to finish your core essay before summer and submit your safety-school applications before Labor Day or just beginning to research colleges and majors, or perhaps you want to create a customized learning plan to address study habits and time management, I invite you to CONTACT ME to schedule your Educational & College Admissions Assessment.
My clients include students across all academic levels in 7th to 12th grades. It’s never too early (Middle School) or too late (Seniors) to set educational goals, build solid time management and learning strategies and discover a hidden academic strength. I invite you to learn more about my role in helping to build your student’s Educational and College Admissions Plan!
Rising Seniors- Please reach out join our June Writers Block and Fall Sunday Series Writers. A dedicated time free of distraction to work on college applications and essays in a small-group and supportive setting. Space is limited!
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Congrats!!!  A SAMPLE of of recent Acceptances Include:
Carnegie Mellon,Brown, Cornell, Georgia Tech (Engineering, Bio-Chem), NYU, Bowdoin, WUSTL, Reed, Michigan (Engineering & Other majors), U.Illinois (Engineering & Others), Boston U., UNC, Notre Dame, Miami, Dartmouth, Duke, SCAD, Tulane, Drexel Honors, Parsons, Berklee College of Music, U.Arizona, Penn State, UT Austin, Pittsburgh, SUNY Stonybrook, RIT, UF, plus many more…
My students include aspiring STEM, Business, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Visual & Performing Arts & Humanities majors
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Build your personalized Educational & College Admissions Plan!

Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D. guides her clients to define and realize educational and career goals.

With over thirty years of experience as a university professor & admissions committee member you’re invited to leverage her extensive knowledge of university curricula and career opportunities to BUILD YOUR COLLEGE PLAN!.
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