Greetings Students and Families,
Welcome Back !  Is everyone ready for a new school year? Please take a look at many of my resources throughout the last month covering SAT/ACT, Financial Aid, STEM academic advising, Course Selection (AP vs IB vs AICE and Dual Enrollment) and a variety of materials to assist with College Admissions Planning.  When you’re ready, please give me a call or connect to schedule a complimentary conversation about your College Admissions questions.
Especially for High School Seniors  2021 

Get vaccinated for SENIORITIS! 

  (I say this every year for the past two decades!)

Senioritis is a serious affliction.  It can start earlier than you think and it is highly contagious.   It can even affect younger siblings prematurely!

Your college admissions to-do list includes
  • Review and confirm you list of colleges  — It’s all about “FIT”!
    ?Uncertain — schedule an appointment to discuss your academic interests and “affordability”.   I can clarify some misconceptions about financial aid and merit scholarships.
  • Begin work on your Common/Coalition core essay ASAP.  Many of the more competitive schools have multiple essays ahead.  
    Writing Your College Application Essay- College Admissions & College Application Help--
    Writing Your College Application Essay- College Admissions & College Application Help–


  • Teacher recommendations, high school transcripts and standardized test scores can be submitted to colleges before your actual application is ready to submit. Please don’t delay arranging for these important required elements of your application portfolio.  If you’re still taking exams WAIT to send your scores until all are known.
  • Our SUNDAY FALL WRITERS BLOCK SERIES meets Sunday Afternoons– Students stay on target when they set aside dedicated time to work on their essays and applications. Join us iremotely from wherever you are for one-on-one writing conferences in a supportive small group setting.


 Keep in mind the Common Application essay allows up to 650 words in contrast to the Coalition  application of 420 words. 
Please contact me for assistance making the most effective presentation of your academic, extracurricular and personal experiences!
  • Prepare your activities resume
  • Approach two teachers ASAP to write recommendations – Stay Tuned for an update to my Tips for Securing Great Teacher Recommendations. 
  • Register for any standardized tests you want to retake before December — But keep in mind most colleges are TEST OPTIONAL.  Each policy is unique as are you -please make sure you discuss all your options in the context of a specific university policy before reporting or retesting.
    Did you catch all my resources the past month on SAT vs ACT prep and requirements – click here:
Complete Your College Applications ASAP!  WHY??>>
At some institutions, admissions committees can read applications on a rolling basis.  From my experience as a university faculty member reviewing college applications, I can tell you with absolute honesty that there’s an unconscious and favorable bias to reading files submitted before the rush of tens of thousands of last-minute applications. (As well as those submitted on the December 1 ED rejection spike.)***The earlier you submit, the smaller the number of applicants, and for colleges reviewing on a rolling basis, more time will be spent reviewing your file  This increases the likelihood that if qualified, you’ll be invited to apply for /considered for merit-based scholarships.
Last year many colleges reported that time spent on files has now dipped below 10 minutes. IMAGINE THAT!!  Someone will have that little time to render a decision this important!

Financial Aid Eligibility and Scholarship Search: Parents of seniors this is the time to review what you can afford and explore the actual cost of your child’s college education given your FAFSA EFC.

Having spent three decades as a university professor, I have the inside experience and knowledge to maximize your financial aid award! If you are eligible for financial aid, I am confident we can negotiate to increase your initial financial award. Do you have a complex situation- business income, trust, divorced/blended family- I can navigate your FAFSA, CSS Profile and non-custodial information to maximize your awards.

Financial Aid, FAFSA & Scholarships-- College Application Help- What to Know!
Financial Aid, FAFSA & Scholarships– College Application Help- What to Know!
I wish all students a peaceful and successful 2020-21 academic year.
Please watch for our three-part series this coming week:

      College Essays- Writing Eye-Catching Core Essays

     College Supplemental Essays– Getting Notices

     Common App 2020-21 — COVID ESSAY PROMPT

Whether you’re just beginning high school or a senior working on your college applications, I invite you to contact me with any questions or decisions you’re facing about your high school courses, extracurricular activities, learning accommodations or the entirety of your college application process.
Warm regards,
Bonnie R. Rabin, PhD
Educational & College Admissions Consultant
Professor Emeritus & Cornell University South Florida Alumni Representative
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Nationwide 833.MY.ESSAY
The back-to-school window is the perfect time to for your educational & college admissions assessment.
SET and realize goals for a successful & enriching school year.