Greetings Students and Families,
We just concluded another academic year – Congratulations to all middle and high school students for what really is extraordinary given the unpredictable situation you’ve all experienced throughout the pandemic. Many of the roads to your educational goals curved, changed and even filled with bumps and  uncomfortable detours  perhaps for some of you.  I don’t take the metaphor lightly- we have lots to talk about and my hats are off to all teens for navigating their academic and personal lives with grace and strength– enduring school closings and lots of uncertainty within our communities.  On top of all this, I’m sure some of you faced significant personal challenges and I wish you continued peace as we return to our pre-pandemic lifestyles fortified by (painful) life lessons. I would welcome the opportunity to offer support and guidance as you continue your high school experience and begin your undergraduate journey.
I know parents will agree with me when we all say we look to your generation as the shining example of hope for our future.  Each young adult is endowed with incredible talents and gifts that will guide you to your place in our community and allow you to make your impact.  Where might that be? Let’s Discuss!
My rising seniors ’23 just completed  our college workshop working on their amazing essays sharing experiences that helped to define their identity and shape a place as a member of a college campus community in the fall of 2023.  We continue onward with college specific essays and refining college lists as part of the research process. For rising high school freshman, sophomores and juniors- it’s your turn to continue to discuss your high school experiences and evaluate where you have been and where you are heading.  ARE YOU ON TARGET?  YOUR GOALS? YOUR COLLEGE PLAN?
Please schedule your appointment — we’ve wrapped up another academic year– what’s worked well for you and what needs to change as we head into the 2022-23 school year?

–  Learning /Courses last year and adjustments for 2022-23
–  Testing schedule– especially for rising juniors ’24
–  Summer Plans /Reading (Did you see my reading list with new books a few weeks ago?)
–  Extracurricular Activities– recasting?   Who Are You?
–  College/Major Research-  What Problem Do You Want to Solve? Do you Still want to be an “Astronaut, Physician, Fillmmaker…..?”
–  Q & A about College Planning, COVID impact!
If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve read at least a dozen of my blog posts devoted to addressing the impact of COVID-19 on your college planning – related to courses, learning, SAT/ACT, AP exams, college visits and  staying focused.  
I look forward to meeting you at your College Admissions Planning Session soon.


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