Greetings Students and Families!

To our high school seniors congrats to those accepted Early Decision/Early Action  and to those of you awaiting decisions, please don’t forget to keep tabs on your college admissions file.

Sample of Early Decision/Early Action College Acceptances:

UPenn, SCAD, University of Chicago, Ithaca College, Syracuse, Brown, Georgia Tech,  University of Illinois Engineering, Case Western, Carnegie Mellon, New York University, Cornell, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Boston U,U-Arizona, UCF, FAU Honors, U of Miami, Fordham

At this time of year, seniors (22) should be monitoring all emails closely as this is the time when colleges invite you to submit additional supporting information for consideration for scholarships.  Some of you have already heard or will soon be invited to meet with alumni reps for what is an ‘interview’ or ‘informational conversation’.

Seniors- this is also the time of year to send required secondary school reports.   Please discuss with your guidance counselor or schedule a conversation with your private college advisor to determine if an update / continued interest letter is appropriate.  This is especially important if you were deferred– your action plan should include the following.

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Sophomores and Juniors — It’s time to be thinking about your Course Schedule and Summer Collegiate programs for High school Students and

Adjusting your College Admissions Planning Click on links on each of these college application topics

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In  WHAT DO ADMISSIONS OFFICERS CONSIDER IN YOUR COLLEGE APPLICATION?  and WHAT DO ADMISSIONS OFFICERS LOOK FOR IN STEM APPLICANTS?  , I spoke about the importance of experiences that allow each young adult to discover their academic and personal strengths– in particular, taking chances and avoiding becoming “boxed in” at so early in your educational/career journey. This is precisely what admissions representatives want to know about YOU beyond your transcript and test scores.

Many college essays require a response asking about why you’ve selected your major and a STEM student’s response is strongly emphasized on  STEM college applications.  Admissions and alumni representatives will ask you about the “problems” you want to address. Having impactful experiences throughout middle school and high school are essential to shaping young adults’ interests and understanding how to leverage academic and personal strengths to positively change communities on campus and post-graduation.

college marching band - extracurriculars can help with college admissions
college admissions - remember to volunteer


As college acceptance rates are announced every spring I always implore readers to continue to remain informed and I wrote about some of the myths and dangers of obsessing over another round of historically low rates of College Acceptance.  In  2025  College and IVY League Acceptance Rates, I clarified why these data points should be of little concern and wrote about  how to find a college that best fits a student academically, socially and financially.  I encourage you to re-read the information so you’ll be able to remove the angst over these data and ignore unnecessary and alarming stories that plague your social medial feeds about college admissions acceptance rates, robbing your family of peace throughout the senior year.   Instead- build your EDUCATIONAL and COLLEGE ADMISSIONS PLAN.

High School Juniors – Common App 2023-24 – College Admissions Planning  STEM Business Arts Humanities PreLaw PreMed

This is the time for you to be honing in on college fit – as we get ready for application season starting in June.


Will you be joining us at our WRITERS BLOCK WORKSHOP?  Enrollment is now open – space limited    Small Group & Inclusive setting with one-on-one writing conferences with College Advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD Last year we delivered our workshop online and very likely will be doing so again- each day includes a presentation, working time and detailed one-on-one feedback on tasks in progress.

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Congratulations to our clients!   Are you next?!

Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, Cornell, U. Michigan, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, University of North Carolina, Vassar, Brown, Bowdoin, Wellesley, Emory, U.Illinois, Notre Dame, NYU, Rice, University of Chicago, Washington University (WUSTL), Drexel, Tulane, London School of Economics, Purdue, Swarthmore, SCAD, Ohio, Georgetown, Hamilton, Reed, Miami, Johns Hopkins, University of Florida, University of Arizona, Penn State, Villanova, Northeastern, SUNY-ESF, St. Johns, Embry-Riddle, Colgate, Fordham, Columbia, Barnard, Syracuse, Swarthmore, Pittsburgh, Dickinson, Colorado, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Howard, Fordham, SUNY Stonybrook, Duke, Case Western, Rochester Institute of Technology, Parsons, Virginia Tech, Boston U., Hobart & William Smith, Claremont Mckenna, Davidson, Westpoint, Gettysburg, Amherst, Temple, Denison, Howard, UT Austin, SUNY-Binghamton, Hamilton, George Washington, American, Indiana, SMU, James Madison, and many more!

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