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You’ve come to the right place to launch your personalized educational strategy to realize your educational goals.

Dr. Rabin guides students nationwide having interests in STEM, Business, Arts and Humanities.  We’re certain we can inspire and assist in shaping your emerging interests and building a personalized and flexible Educational and College Admissions plan.

Dr. Rabin works with students nationwide beginning as early as 8th grade. While she  serves students of all academic levels,  our services are most appropriately paired with highly motivated and coachable young adults. We partner with parents to support responsible and self-motivated behaviors and expect parents to provide our emerging young-adults with the necessary space and support to navigate their path.  We support – but don’t ever handhold your student. Dr. Rabin is a knowledgeable and personable coach—don’t take our word for it- read our Google reviews posted on both our East and West Coast Google pins.

Students can expect frequent and regular virtual communications about their academic progress and also an authentic trusted ear each at each meeting.  Dr. Rabin is often told students are inspired by working together and parents observe changes taking place as their emerging young adults become confident, motivated, and directed high school students.  We welcome the opportunity to the opportunity to be of service to your family.


Is Your Student Intrinsically Motivated?

It is indeed never too early to begin taking steps to ensure your student(s) have a long-term strategic education plan that fosters their love of learning, solid time management skills and a directed path towards their undergraduate experience.

As you’ll read about in our blogs and if you sign up – our newsletters–, it’s important to Dr. Rabin that each student develops a passion for learning that is intrinsically motivated.  This ensures a seamless transition to a campus community and the demands/challenges of the undergraduate academic and social experience. 


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If there’s a particular newsletter of interest- let us know, and we’ll send you a link to our most recent writing on this topic.


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