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As summer vacation is underway,  I’m eager to hear about  the revised internship and volunteer experiences  underway– plans have certainly changed and this summer will undoubtedly be unique in many ways in the middle of the COVID Pandemic.  Your College Admissions and Educational Plans didn’t change- but your path towards these goals has..  While my students aren’t taking a journey to Costa Rica, China, Spain, or any exotic far-way place that was planned,  that doesn’t preclude finding ways to further explore their emerging fields of interest spending time locally within organizations and also volunteering with children and families in need within your local community.
We have some creative plans being implemented!  For example, some students are working on the social media campaigns for the family business, others are playing musical instruments outside of nursing homes and some have found positions in local science labs.  Even my undergraduates who were expecting to participate in internships have changed to more local and less “challenging” spaces- and that’s all ok- we embrace and work with what we are given in the moment.
There’s so much to learn online and for those students who are engaging in online collegiate programs, I’m sure you will enjoy the revised and still challenging assignments and research in engineering, pre-medicine, business, philosophy and more at university summer programs!  In addition to the learning opportunities being afforded within ONLINE classrooms, high school students are able to adjust to managing their own time and navigate the daily challenges while living at home!!!  Just the same as my undergraduates who found themselves leaving behind their college dorm to return home this past year- high school students will still be a part of a college community — just in a different way. Again – adaptability and flexibility are invaluable lessons. YOU GOT THIS!
In my earlier note COLLEGE PLANNING: WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS SUMMER?, I talked about the types and value of attending various collegiate summer programs. Even though the programs are now being delivered through online platforms, you’re still engaged in earning  within a diverse campus community of learners from around the globe.
Recently, in COLLEGE ADMISSIONS ASSISTANCE: WHO ARE YOU? EARLY COLLEGE PLANNING!, I discussed the importance of ongoing discovery through extracurricular experiences, included self-directed reading and projects. Some of these readings and projects may become the basis for submissions to Competitions in STEM, Politics, Business & the Visual & Performing Arts.  Some suggestions for competitive venues across these fields were provide in COLLEGE PLANNING TIPS: COMPETITIONS, EXPLORE AND DISCOVERY   Competition not only builds confidence but increases your chances of college admissions acceptance.   Need suggestions? Need guidance on preparing an essay or project for submission?
Given the ongoing uncertainty over COVID-19– many school districts throughout the country have already indicated that many of the student organizations and clubs will be cancelled or paused again this fall for the 2020-21 academic year.
What are the implications for  college admissions for the rising seniors ’21 and juniors ’20 if math team, DECA, Robotics, theater, band, track & field are all cancelled?   This means that students will look elsewhere to explore and stay busy outside of the classroom.  Math competition practice may be on ZOOM and travel to competitions will be replaced by pen/pencil competitions.  The same may be said for HOSA or DECA.  What about my engineers building robots ? You’ll have to look for smaller projects at home – and be creative in that discovery.   The point I’m trying to make is that the roads to your journey have changed- but your journey continues.  I’d love to help you find some other ways to navigate with the absence of traditional extracurricular activities.


Despite the unanticipated changes to the 2019-20 year– did your student realize this year’s academic and personal goals?  Let’s evaluate!
If you want to minimize the stress associated with the college admissions process, build your Educational and College Admissions Plan as early as 8th grade! This will allow you to carefully select classes and extracurricular opportunities to encourage academic and personal exploration preparing you for success as a high school and undergraduate student.
Don’t follow the crowd nor march through high school without a smile ! BE INSPIRED!!
What is your student passionate about?  Now is the time for discovery!  
Even with the challenges of social distancing- there’s many ways to engage.

Summer is first and foremost a time for students to recharge, essential to facing another challenging and successful school year.  Students should NOT be over-programmed, but should also keep their “learning muscles” in use through guided readings, activities and programs to further explore.
I often hear from students who seem to think they have already decided the field that they want to study as undergraduates and even as graduate students! Their enthusiasm is wonderful, but at times these early academic/career choices rest upon preconceived notions about their interests and  misinformation about a given field of study. Sometimes, choices are driven by a misguided weighting of the importance of what the future may hold in terms of earnings.
Parents, school guidance counselors and private college advisors are a team supporting and encouraging each student’s exploration of potential fields of study that align with personal strengths and interests leading to joyful and impactful pursuits.
Students arriving at our first meeting are not always ready to think outside that box.  The middle and high school years are the time to learn more about EVERYTHING and rule out nothing.  The essential process of  discovery includes exploring a variety of academic disciplines many of which may yield a rewarding and joyful educational and career path.

Online College Counselor Bonnie Rabin, PhD Professor Emeritus- Cornell Alumni Rep- 30+ Years Academic Advising and Teaching Experience

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