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As a college advisor– If there’s one thing I can guarantee you — it’s that there’s no magic formula for being accepted into a selective university, but I can guarantee you that building a Strategic Educational & College Admissions Plan as early as eighth grade will greatly increase the likelihood of a student who is intrinsically motivated and prepared for academic success.   The data are revealing– those students who are curious- exploring emerging interests throughout middle and high school will find their “niche” – both personally and academically.  Doing so will not only increase chances of college admissions success – but more importantly- students who are curious will thriveat the undergraduate level and beyond.  Curiosity is the essential ingredient to building joy, motivation and direction. EXPLORATION builds Confident teens and emerging young adults! 

Whether you live in sunny  Boca Raton, FL or the Front Range in Boulder or Denver Colorado — parents, teachers and college advisors all assume a collective role to supprt teens  — finding their academic and personal path. How Do we support our teens?


As a former university professor, I’ve engaged in pre-college and college level academic advising for three decades. I can guide your student to building a solid balance of courses and extracurricular experiences to discover their personal and academic strengths. Our team will assist in navigating the college application process as well as increase the likelihood that your student will be successful throughout high school and have a seamless transition to their undergraduate community.

I am often asked to bring out my crystal ball and inform anxious parents of “chances”– Trust me – If I had clairvoyant talents, I would use them to make the world a better place for all citizens. I don’t own anything remotely resembling a crystal ball, but rather than make “predictions” about college admissions results, I will leverage my thirty years of experience to guide your student and build a plan for success comprised of solid learning strategies, appropriate coursework and engaging extracurricular pursuits –increasing the likelihood of college acceptances.

As noted in an earlier post THE MYTHS of ACCEPTANCE RATES you can read about two types of threads online: “RESULTS” threads and “CHANCE ME” Threads.

Where can I review results or profiles of college accepted students? A virtual tunnel to the center of the earth for  anxious parents and student awaits you at Talk.collegeconfidential.com There are literally tens of thousands of discussion threads on this webpage – some threads are exceptionally informative, but like Wikipedia- lots of speculation from well-meaning people with too much time on their hands! Nonetheless, you can read“Official Results Threads” .Google: Talk College Confidential  Official Results Thread Class of 2022  INSERT: MY DREAM UNIVERSITYfor example here is the thread for UF Official Results Discussion at Talk.college.confidential

AH…and then there’s the “CHANCE ME” Threads. The Harvard Crimson Blog on these time-sinks drives home the point:



College Planning -

College Application – Planning with College Advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD

 Your “Mid-Year Assessment” provides a valuable initial step to creating your strategic educational plan and more clearly understanding the  process head.

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