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As you’ve wrapped up another summer  immersed in internships, jobs, online collegiate summer programs, community volunteer programs and hopefully settling back to in-person learning, you’ll be ready to continue activities that encourage discovery.  When I meet new students and their families I always like to remind everyone to think beyond a simple goal of getting into college.  The broader goal setting must involve discovery and joy so that you can leverage your interests and strengths both within the classroom and within opportunities that may be provided thru school, your community or those you seek out on your own.   When we are passionate about what we do we tend to do it well.

Whether you live in a suburb of Metro NY, downtown Chicago or sunny Boca Raton, Florida, or the beatiful front range of Boulder, Co,  there’s plenty of opportunity to continue activities that enhance your COLLEGE PLAN.

DO YOU HAVE A STRATEGIC EDUCATIONAL & COLLEGE ADMISSIONS PLAN FOR SUCCESS? ARE YOU ON TARGET?  Get ready for the 2021-22 academic year- whether online or in-person – let’s set your goals!


It is indeed never too early to begin taking steps to ensure you have a long-term strategic education and college admissions plan fostering a love of learning, solid time management skills and a directed path towards the undergraduate experience.


As a private college counselor, my educational philosophy is based on thirty years of experience guiding thousands of young adults, emphasizing guided discovery resulting in intrinsically motivated students. I aim to build a long-term partnership with each student often beginning as early as the end of middle school.  Whether you’re aiming for a highly selective college, a “B” student, a student aiming to discover the cure of cancer, operate an successful business, become a teacher- or be a successful author- let’s talk about your goals and aspirations and build a plan to prepare you for success.


Leverage my experience and allow me to assist you with your Educational and College Admissions plans to potentially include formal and informal extracurricular activities, personal readings, internships, impactful volunteer opportunities that connect you with your community, or summer programs to discover more about the types of questions and issues that resonate, inspire deeper discovery and bring joy and personal meaning!

If you want to minimize the stress associated with the college admissions process, build your Educational and College Admissions Plan as early as 8th grade! This will allow you to carefully select classes and extracurricular opportunities to encourage academic and personal exploration preparing you for success as a high school and undergraduate student.  While no student needs to be worrying about college applications and the common application at the outset of high school- it’s really helpful to think about where and how to discover a passion, deepen and interest and know where you’re strong and where you can use some assistance.  Time management, motivation, organization don’t materialize when you walk onto a college campus– these are muscles to exercise throughout high school using a work-out regimen that fits your unique learning style.
Don’t follow the crowd nor march through high school without a smile ! BE INSPIRED!!
What is your student passionate about?  Now is the time for discovery!  
college planning can be fun with robotics competitions and the like
My educational and philosophical approach is also detailed here:Undergraduate College Admissions Planning
In the past few weeks I’ve been contacted by both anxious and confident parents of high school seniors (’21) getting ready for the college admissions process ahead – some are clueless about the moving parts of the process and the Common Application 2021-22 that awaits the stroke of a key.  I’m thrilled to help families navigate that process- -strategy without stress!. I’ve also spoken with parents of middle school students  about to begin high school (’25) expressing concerns about taking too many or too few AP or AICE courses and wondering whether their GPAs should be boosted through Dual Enrollment.
College Application & Admissions: AICE/AP/IB - High School Curriculum Planning!
College Application & Admissions: AICE/AP/IB – High School Curriculum Planning!
A Strategic Educational plan not only includes a curriculum mapping of challenging, relevant and manageable courses.  A plan that balances academic experiences with meaningful student selected extracurricular activities leads to confident, mature, self-directed and grounded young adults. 
College Admissions staff look favorably upon students with a sustained commitment to activities throughout all four years of high school.
Summer is the perfect time to engage in a guided process of discovery.  Parents of incoming high school freshman are already thinking about how many AP classes to consider and whether their students  will be off to strong start.   
Given thirty years of university experience, I am thrilled to offer complimentary summer career and educational independent study programs for 8th to 10th grade clients.  Together, the student and I customize a program that may involve summer reading, written assignments (short assignments involving guided student-directed research on potential careers, current events or professional reading relevant to a potential /emerging area of academic interest) and hands-on projects.
There’s a project for everyone!
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students are provided with a list of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects and ideas for potential entry into science fairs this fall.  LEARN MORE ABOUT STEM ACADEMIC ADVISING & STEM COLLEGE APPLICATIONS
At your school consider:  MU Alpha Theta (Math),  NACLO (Computational Linguistics Competition), FIRST Robotics,  Science Olympiad, TSA or the Google or Intel Science Fairs.
ARTISTS and MUSICIANS should be working on developing their portfolio and honing skills in disciplined creative work thinking ahead to competitive local venues.
college planning can involve extracurricular activities like band
BUSINESS/LIBERAL ARTS – I will guide students to exploring a topic of interest with an eye towards writing an essay you can enter into any number of local and national essay competitions (business, history, etc.)  sponsored by a variety of organizations. Need suggestions?  Start a blog on a topic you’re passionate about and when school begins in the fall, bring your best Blog pieces to the school newspaper. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ROLE OF COMPETITIONS & ESSAYS for COLLEGE APPLICATION SUCCESS
Another meaningful and joyful way to spend your time as well as demonstrating your passion about your interest is to become a volunteer mentor for younger students. There are many opportunities to do so through tutoring, religious organizations, middle school clubs, sports teams and even starting your own business assisting others to learn more.
Have a wonderful week and a spectacular start to your academic year!
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