Greetings Students and Families!!
Sustaining Direction & Recharging  — what’s your goal?

How are you realizing these objectives?

Regular readers of my newsletters know how often I stress the importance of students developing personal learning strategies that lead to intrinsically motivated young adults. Experiences both within and outside the classroom greatly impact the likelihood of a successful and seamless transition to the undergraduate experience. Confidence creates success!  But none of this occurs unless our teens are filled with joy and have our support for all that they do to realize their unique dreams and goals.
Recently the NY Times ran a piece that echoed my thoughts – entitled: “How to Do School When Motivation Is Gone” (title is pretty dark I know) — the author wrote similar same points I’ve been shouting out for a decade in all my newsletters and blogs. It’s all about motivation! But now- this points take on new meaning as the ongoing pandemic placed quite a strain on our educational system and our teens. Most have HUGE goals and college dreams on the horizon – and as we see many traditional high school experiences return to our packed calendars– that transition has been somewhat challenging as well. Let’s continue to provide the support and encouragement enabling young adults to continue building their confidence and independence thru joyful experiences. High school is all about discovery. Let’s take a deeper look.
At back-to-school conferences my students set plans in motion to continue to explore and expand their involvement in extracurricular pursuits building upon current strengths and interests. We made plans filled with positivity!
Every academic year is an opportunity for further exploration into academic areas of interest and strength, as well as enhancing existing learning and time management strategies.

College Admissions- Passion projects – Extracurriculars

Parents can help students continue to find their passions both within and outside the classroom.  Good grades are essential, but they don’t supplant the importance of having a fulfilling and connected life both at school and within “communities”. Please reach out to schedule your
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This past week I met three new seniors – yes seniors who had not yet begun the process of their college applications. One student had set his sights on highly selective universities. Although he had a very high GPA and great test scores (not so relevant in our year of TEST OPTIONAL College Admissions), he hadn’t done the planning to be able to hone in on a university major nor had as much content to answer a typical COLLEGE SPEICIFIC Supplemntal essay about his intended area of study. I was honest and suggested that he reshape his college list — reach schools are difficult enough- but even more so if the high school years aren’t filled with extracurricular pursuits that led to a discovery of a clear path or area of interest. The earlier a student can begin the conversation about interests and how to engage- the easier it is to complete college applications and more important- the more joyful high school can become!
Now of course, everyone know I also emphasize that students don’t have to set their plans at 16 – but if the only message is “Grades” — and no joy- there’s no way you’ll figure out what are your academic and personal passions. Colleges want to know about both!

ACADEMIC SUCCESS  and College Admissions

Establishing a daily routine, reviewing class notes, connecting with teachers, using online support resources (see points below with some recommendations), interacting with peers and knowing when to ask for help are essential to ongoing academic success. Also, managing “stress” is essential to a student’s emotional and physical well-being.  If your student is having trouble finding a personal rhythm, I can help!
     How is your student’s Educational and College Admissions Plan unfolding?

College Admissions Planning: Benefits of Starting Early!  How A College Advisor Can Assist You!

This past week my conversations with several intelligent & highly motivated young students studying at different high schools across the country were heart-warming. They have a variety of interests including engineering, songwriting, the environment, genetics & molecular biology, educational policy, and several students aspire to pursue an undergraduate career in “science” leading to a career in medicine.  As a former admissions officer and Cornell Alumni representative, It was clear why each student would thrive as an undergraduate. It wasn’t because of an impressive GPA or test scores….
so why? Let’s talk about that!