First and foremost, please get a booster shot for your senioritis vaccine!  Admissions offers can be rescinded with significant declines in academic performance. At the very least, you can find yourself starting on academic probation.  VACCINATE!


By now, you should have received email confirmation from each college you’ve applied to providing clear login instructions to follow your status.  First and foremost, login and confirm that all application materials have been received.  As I wrote about in my last two notes– “RECEIVED” is not the same as ‘SENT’.


File your FAFSA and if required, file your CSS PROFILE to ensure that you remain eligible for all available financial aid and scholarships.
College Admissions Tips: Financial Aid and Scholarships
College Admissions Tips: Financial Aid and Scholarships
Parents/families with unusual situations including marital separation, declining income, unexpected job loss, high medical expenses and underwater business assets – contact me on how to most effectively present this information to colleges and negotiate your financial aid package!
*** Seniors — it is not to late to add additional colleges to your list, including FINANCIAL SAFETIES.
When it comes time in March/April to decide where to attend, part of the process will entail evaluating and negotiating financial aid awards.  I have extensive experience.
If you need assistance filing FAFSA/CSS Profile and IDOC forms, please contact me for expert guidance.   I also provide consultations to understand how your financial aid is determined, how to maximize your financial aid and appealing your financial aid award letter.
Finally, seniors, please read my earlier blog about the importance of submitting Admissions Update Notes to your file. Ask me about content that matters to admissions officers in rendering a positive decision.
My next message will discussion ADMISSIONS UPDATE LETTERS – an important part of staying at the top of the admissions pile.
  Again, best wishes for a joyous and restful holiday season!
Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D.
Educational and College Admissions Consultant