Greetings High School Seniors- 2020 — and Families,
If you’re stressed and drowning in the college application process – it’s time to reach out as there’s now only a few weeks remaining in the college application season.  There’s a process in determining where to apply, selecting a major and then beginning and yes- completing your college applications.   I’m sure it’s stressful, and perhaps family harmony is at an all time low- I can help you navigate the process and bring clarity to get your applications submitted– please reach out to schedule a time to discuss your educational goals.  College Counselor Bonnie Rabin, PhD – College Advising Wherever You Are
??? “I cannot submit my application because my teachers haven’t submitted their recommendations and/or I’m retaking the SAT/ACT and awaiting my new scores”
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE-hit the submit button.  As I’ve noted in numerous informational newsletters, and blogs your application can be submitted prior to the receipt of any external supporting documents (i.e., teacher recs, transcripts and test scores).
Test scores can be reported on your applications or this section can be left blank since official scores are required regardless of what you’ve entered within your application portals.  Scores are sent through the College Board and ACT – and there is a cost.   Some students received Hurricane waivers for scores and CSS Profiles (a fee-for-service financial aid form required by some colleges).
??? Do I have to send all my scores?
Please read — Super Score & Score Choice – my blog two weeks ago

???? “Where / When do I sign up for alumni/ admissions interviews?”


This process varies across colleges. If interviews are optional – treat this as required as any additional opportunities to showcase your strengths and demonstrate genuine interest should not be overlooked. For example, some colleges such as Johns Hopkins allow you to request an interview prior to submitting your actual application.
As a Cornell University alumni interviewer in Florida, I can assure you there is very little you could say to adversely impact your chances. We recognize some students are nervous. This is an opportunity to learn more about the college.  I cannot think of any of my peers who would go out of their way to sabotage your application. At worst, you’ll get a lukewarm report and at best, you may bond so strongly with an “influential” alumni to receive a positively glowing interview report.  The impact of your interview on the admissions decision is very small. 

???? I made a mistake on my application – what do I do?


If it is a minor error, let it go rather than calling attention to the situation.   If you have concerns on what is defined as “minor” – give me a call ASAP and we can determine if notification is helpful or harmful.    If you made a typo- official scores and transcripts will be received.  Keep in mind, your reader will spend 5 to 10 minutes on your file  == outside of a glaring spelling error, not likely to be a headache.

 ??? We’re probably not eligible for financial aid.  Are there any scholarships?


Yes there are many unique merit based and need based forms of aid. If you need assistance with finding and applying for scholarships or completing your FAFSA/CSS Profiles, please reach out to discuss your unique situation.

You will be surprised to know that financial aid is likely for many families. I can assist you with determining your eligibility — please don’t rule out applying for financial aid. The most common misconceptions that lead families to avoid applying are those dealing with parental income vs. assets as well as divorce/blended family situations. Give me a call to discuss your unique situation.

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