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All Families Thinking Ahead About the College Application Process!

If you attended our Annual June College Workshop and finished your Common Application College Essay back in June -and been at our Fall workshop making steady practice on all your College Specific Supplemental essays- you’re feeling a lot less stressed about the college application process than students just getting started on College Applications.

If you’re a senior it’s certainly not too late to be working on College Applications-but you’ll need to be mindful of any Early Action/Early Decision dates and preferred admissions dates often observed in public universities.

In COLLEGE ADMISSIONS- COMMON APP 2019-20 ESSAY PROMPTS & NEW INFORMATION, I discussed some of the changes in the new 2019-20 Common App and provided tips for high school seniors (Class of 2020) getting started on their college applications and college essays.

Here’s a few of my resources to get you up to speed on the Common Application 2019-20 process and you’re invited to reach out for guidance.

Admissions Officers consider many factors in evaluating your college application, including your college application essay(s).  While students don’t need to be worrying about writing their college essay in 8th or even 10th grades, I encourage everyone to begin implementing a student-led path of exploration of both personal and academic pursuits throughout middle and high school.
Transformative experiences both within and outside the classroom uniquely shape each young adult’s academic and personal identity. Experiences connecting with family and members of “communities” help our young adults become more introspective to learn how they will leverage their strengths to find their place in the world.  These same experiences are also the basis for the college essay(s) students will write during the college admissions application process (at the end of their junior year/start of senior year) providing readers of their college application with information that reveals who each student has become –and, in particular– the potential impact each young adult may have on a college campus and as a potential alum!
But most important, pre-college experiences build confidence, motivation and better prepare each student for a seamless transition to the undergraduate experience – academic and personal success throughout high school and beyond.

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What’s your Educational & College Admissions Plan?
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Successful College Planning begins with Joyful Discover – Who Are You?
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Who Are You? 
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