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Memorial Day weekend often marks the unofficial start of summer – and for high school students, the end of the school year is fast approaching. With AP exam weeks behind us, IB papers wrapped up and just a few AICE or final exams remaining, it’s actually time to start planning for next year!   This is the time to reassess academic goals and intentions made way back in August 2018 to understand why some may have been more easily achievable and other experiences were opportunities to have learned more about both emerging and waning academic interests, personal strengths and how each student “learns”.  All of this relevant to determining which colleges may be a best “fit” for each student.

Rising Seniors- class of 2020 may have just started to explore colleges and other students have had their short “list” since middle school. Students in 8th (2024) to 11th (2021) grades will have little misconceptions about which campuses may be a “best” fit if the high school years are a healthy balance of relevant and appropriately set of academic challenges and extracurricular experiences for discovery.  In  COLLEGE ADMISSIONS ASSISTANCE: WHO ARE YOU? EARLY COLLEGE PLANNING!   I spoke about the importance of early planning to allow for discovery.    Early college advising and college planning actually increases your chances of college admissions success by clarifying each student’s educational goals and taking the steps throughout high school to build a foundation based on actual experiences both within and outside the classroom.   SCHEDULE AN EDUCATIONAL & COLLEGE ADMISSIONS PLANNING ASSESSMENT

I often meet young adults –whether in South Florida, New York City, Chicago or the West Coast– and students seem to think they have already decided the field that they want to study as undergraduates and even as graduate students! Their enthusiasm is wonderful, but at times these early academic/career choices rest upon preconceived notions about their interests and  misinformation about a given field of study.
As young adults, high school is the time to learn more about EVERYTHING and rule out nothing.   
If you’re eager to begin the process of discovery, please avoid those pesky lists and name/brand recognition. There are actually college essay prompts that read “aside from our ranking or location” , please tell us why you want to attend? “How will and education from University of X help you realize your educational goals?”     As  a Professor Emeritus with three decades of experience providing academic advising, I encourage every student to understand and define the “problems” they want to solve– these can best be discovered as we connect the dots of strengths and interests.

In my earlier blog    Finding the Best “Fit” : Selecting a College and Major    , I focused on a number of ways to explore and compare colleges.   Colleges fit students academically, socially and financially- and I’ve discussed this at length in earlier blogs.

Let’s for a moment focus on discerning the differences in academics – and selecting a major:

Insights on selecting colleges:

The “fit” between a student and a university is based upon three pillars:


The university you attend should provide an outstanding academic experience in your intended major/minor fields of study, along with appropriate internship and career placement opportunities. This is paramount to selecting where to attend.

There’s a major field of study to match the unique strengths and interests of every young adult! With nearly 4,000 colleges offering an impressive number of traditional and cutting edge majors and minors, it can indeed be overwhelming to navigate the maze of available degree options.

Your evaluation of academics should move beyond published lists of college rankings. The most important steps include learning how to navigate through the “Academics” and the “Research” tabs to fully explore the curriculum maps, degree requirements and the research projects faculty are conducting. As a former university professor with 30+ years of experience on curriculum planning committees, I’m able to help your family assess “academic fit” and effectively explore your academic options to balance each student’s current and emerging interests and strengths.


The social fit is important as each student is looking to find a “home-away-from-home” for their next four years. Is the campus inviting, inclusive and are there opportunities for ongoing social and emotional growth?

This is exactly why students visit university campuses before enrolling. Your Educational and College Admissions Assessment will help you hone in on the criteria that are important to you.  Let me help you understand how to have an informative and meaningful campus visit.


Every family faces unique financial circumstances and we factor those into the choices of where to apply and enroll. Additional details are noted on our financial aid page. If you’re ineligible for financial aid, merit aid remains an important option to explore.

THERE ARE MANY CAMPUSES PROVIDING an EXCELLENT EDUCATION offering deep discounts on tuition given your “admissions profile”.


If you’re a Rising Senior – please reach out to schedule your Educational and College Admissions Planning Assessment and begin working on your College Applications and College Essays.  I work with students in person throughout South Florida (Boca Raton, Delray, Parkland, Wellington, Coral Springs ++_) and with clients remotely Nationwide.


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Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D. guides her clients to define and realize educational and career goals.

With over thirty years of experience as a university professor & admissions committee member you’re invited to leverage her extensive knowledge of university curricula and career opportunities to BUILD YOUR COLLEGE PLAN!.
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