Greetings Everyone,

As our seniors are proudly roaming the halls of high school in their college t-shirts and hoodies, our juniors (2020) know that college application season approaches.  Our 8th to 10th grade students know that carefully selecting courses, including choices of    AP vs AICE vs IB      or which electives as well as selecting extracurricular and  Collegiate Summer Program Experiences      experiences will greatly enhance discovery of academic and personal interests.

Are you ready for college application season and writing your college essays?

If you reside in South Florida, consider attending my  WRITERS BLOCK COLLEGE ESSAY WORKSHOP  in June.  For students throughout the US, work on your college essay brainstorming, polishing and editing is conducted remotely during numerous personal appointments. You can also join our workshop too- ask me how!

Your college applications are submitted via portals– Common Application, Coalition or college specific pages (more likely for state public universities).   Nearly all applications require a college essay -a “Core” question allowing the reader of your application to get to know more about you as a person.  In addition, college specific essays or “supplementals (SUPs)”  will more often than not, ask some variation of a prompt “Why did you select your major and ‘Why Us’ “.   The more competitive the university, the more challenging the essay questions can be– and that’s why it’s important to have a college plan that organizes how to showcase your strengths across ALL your essays.

As a former University College Admissions representative and current Cornell University Alumni Admissions Representative – I can assure you that your essay is a critical part of your college application.   WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT ?? LET’S BRAINSTORM– Your experiences are unique and so too is your message.    Students in STEM , business and creative & performing arts students need to demonstrate “informed interest” through a clear understanding of the chosen field of study and a “vision” or “problem” of interest.   This is another reason why guided early college planning is essential- allowing every student to nurture emerging interests through formative experiences both within and outside high school.

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