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This past week I had the opportunity to lead a live Q&A about College Planning. A few months ago I also presented within the Boulder Colorado community with a live interview by Eliot Andre of Connected Roots.  We share a similar mission- — to paraphrase: guiding our clients to identifying and strengthening the roots that keep them grounded. In my college advising practice– I focus on building confidence about education and college admissions success. Success–what does that mean?

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In our live conversation I shared a bit about my practice and approach to working with students and their families throughout the College Application Process. In particular, we spoke about my role as a private college advisor guiding students to discovery of their academic path — one that starts with leveraging personal interests beyond the high school classroom.  In addition to parents, and high school guide counselors, I assume a role as part of a team of experts available to guide teens.  My “niche” is having spent three decades as a university professor where I’ve advised thousand of students across a variety of majors and served on numerous faculty committees reviewing undergraduate and graduate curricula for approval.   Whether it’s STEM, business, humanities, the fine or performing arts- -I’m confident I can inspire the most focused or undecided teen to find their academic “fit”!

In our live conversation, Eliot and I touched on a number of important topics–  you might be thinking – what’s new– they likely spoke about SAT/ACT, Financial Aid, Selecting Colleges, and the nitty- gritty of college applications.  All of those things are important – and the subject of many of my  other  blogs and videos.  And while SEO/marketing experts would suggest I include those links- I instead want to keep you right here- where you’ll read this blog.  Instead, our conversation emphasized my underlying philosophy to building independent and motivated young adults- when we  encourage our teens to engage in discovery  we help teens embrace a more successful academic path –which in my experience leads to  less stress about all things related to college applications and college admissions followed by a seamless transition onto a college campus.  There’s also a bonus- family harmony!   All of this is critically important to being successful as students, joyful and of course- focused student-centered engagement throughout the entirety of the college application process.  What’s Your College Admissions Plan?

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Boulder Colorado’s Eliot Andre of Connected Roots.

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College Admissions Planning isn’t simply about your college acceptances– it’s about taking the time throughout high school to discover a passion for learning, and as I wrote about in an earlier blog- College Admissions Officers literally want to know –  “What’s Your Thing”?  What better way to respond to that essay prompt than through meaningful experiences throughout high school- including actual “competitions’!   Please schedule your College Planning Assessment with College Advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD   or CALL 833.MY.ESSAY

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