Greetings Seniors ‘20 and Families

(Also -Information for Juniors ’21 on Rolling Admissions)

There are several reasons why students/parents may still be Googling or searching the Common App database for colleges that are still allowing students to submit college applications at this late date.  Let’s discuss those reasons and then talk about where you can still submit additional applications.

Whether you procrastinated (overwhelmed), or perhaps weren’t well-informed, or maybe you weren’t sure you had the grades to apply to a four-year college, or – you simply  waited until now to decide to apply– Don’t worry- I got you covered!  Click to connect with College Advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD

Other perhaps there’s a more productive explanation – perhaps you were in shock/denial after your Early Decision deferral and the reality has sunk in- you need other options.  (click to view –COLLEGE ADMISSIONS – EARLY DECISION COLLEGE APPLICATIONS – YOU’VE BEEN DEFERRED– NOW WHAT?


Applying to an Ivy or Selective College – How were your fall grades?

If your fall grades weren’t as strong as your GPA through your junior year- your college short list has essentially become a list of reach colleges (I know – that’s hard to hear-and you’re likely screaming- “AP Physics C is brutal”).  I’ve been working in college admissions for many decades—and I can tell you without hesitation- if you’re a highly competitive senior applying to highly selective universities and you received “B”s in more challenging AP/IB/AICE courses in the first semester –– this isn’t a favorable component of your college application.  This is particularly true for engineering and STEM applicants where AP Calculus and AP Physics are applicant-weeder courses among college applicants.  If there were personal challenges that require explanation- please connect with me to discuss how to work with your GC to provide some insights into any drastic changes to an otherwise stellar high school record.

And last- but certainly not least—another very valid reason to submit additional applications might be a financial one.  After completing your FAFSA and CSS Profile -and after careful evaluation, your family would prefer to add some “financial safeties” to the mix—submitting a college application to a university that would more likely offer you an attractive scholarship. Need suggestions- Click to Discuss your situation and review your college applications.

So here we are- it’s January 3—and maybe you need to add a few colleges to the mix.

HIGH SCHOOL Seniors—There are several Universities Still Accepting College Applications for a spot in the Class of 2024 — see my list below!

If you didn’t work with your guidance counselor or seek the assistance of a private college counselor, yes, the process was probably overwhelming and maybe it didn’t even go smoothly.  Many state universities have early preferred deadlines in October and November, many selective campuses have Early Action/Early Decision due dates on that same timeline. The vast majority of colleges have  set January 1, 2020 deadlines for submitting regular decision college applications.   I’ve included a list of over 50 colleges that are accepting applications—and there are many more.


Some colleges offer admissions under a “Rolling Admissions” option- offering later deadlines. This gives students access to some awesome universities that may be a great fit for you!

Rolling admissions colleges don’t have a set deadline. You can submit your application anytime as early as July before the start of your senior year of high school and in some cases, as late as May of a student’s senior year (Every year, I hear from a few families sometime in April who DID NOT work with a college advisor and were misled, misinformed and overlooked the need to have  match/safeties on their college list-. After receiving 10+ rejections—they call me for guidance– please avoid being that student!)

Not only is Rolling Admissions unique- but it is downright stress free!  WHY? Because, it’s “rolllllllinggg” and that means you don’t have to wait for a designated date to hear an about your college admissions outcome.  Rolling admissions college applicants are notified of an admissions decision often a few short weeks after the file is complete.


That said, even if you’re a student who does procrastinate- beware, spaces do fill -all colleges have an enrollment capacity for the incoming freshman class.  This isn’t a college admissions option to be used to apply last minute- but in can be a great college application strategy.

Aside from the obvious peace of mind of having an admissions decision in-hand early in the senior year of high school, having that acceptance can reshape the list of colleges.  A student with one solid acceptance at a college may decide to place all their college application energies and time into applying to more selective or reach colleges.

While every student should evaluate their mix of colleges on criteria I’ve discussed many times—academic, social and financial—(click to read more)—the rolling admissions colleges are part of a financial strategy.  Not only can you get a head -start on seeing how your financial aid package might look, but you can re-evaluate financial safeties knowing you have an acceptance in-hand earlier in the college application season.

Juniors should be evaluating majors and evaluating  universities-perhaps heading off to campus visits this spring  (read my blog next week on this topic!).  It’s the appropriate time to begin working with your guidance counselor or perhaps reach out to speak with a college expert to provide more personalize one-on-one attention throughout the college application and college admissions process. Click to schedule your College Admissions Assessment with College Advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD.


Whether you’re a senior considering adding additional colleges, deferred early decision or early action, or second-guessing the universities you’ve already submitted your college application to- there’s time remaining to apply to additional colleges.

Below, I’ve included a sample of colleges that continue to accept  applications including universities with rolling admissions policies.

Have a great start to the spring semester!  You’ll also find a list of Rolling Admissions Colleges


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Whether you’re a STEM, Business, Humanities, Arts or Undecided student — Here’s a Sample of Colleges Seniors Can Apply to at this time.

These colleges are still accepting Applications!


Harvey Mudd College
Claremont McKenna College1/5/2020
The George Washington University1/5/2020
University of Pennsylvania1/5/2020
University of Rochester1/5/2020
Boston University1/5/2020
Cooper Union1/6/2020
Bentley University1/6/2020
Davidson College1/7/2020
Elon University1/7/2020
American University1/10/2020
Bennington College1/15/2020
Bryn Mawr College1/15/2020
Bucknell University1/15/2020
Carleton College1/15/2020
Case Western Reserve University1/15/2020
Clark University1/15/2020
Clarkson University1/15/2020
Colgate University1/15/2020
Colorado College1/15/2020
Denison University1/15/2020
Dickinson College1/15/2020
Drexel University1/15/2020
Emerson College1/15/2020
George Mason University1/15/2020
Gettysburg College1/15/2020
Haverford College1/15/2020
Loyola Marymount University1/15/2020
Macalester College1/15/2020
Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences1/15/2020
Pepperdine University1/15/2020
Purdue University1/15/2020
Reed College1/15/2020
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute1/15/2020
Rhodes College1/15/2020
Rochester Institute of Technology1/15/2020
Skidmore College1/15/2020
Smith College1/15/2020
SUNY Binghamton University1/15/2020
SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry1/15/2020
SUNY Stony Brook University1/15/2020
The Catholic University of America1/15/2020
The New School1/15/2020
Tulane University1/15/2020
Union College1/15/2020
University of Colorado Boulder1/15/2020
University of Connecticut1/15/2020
University of Delaware1/15/2020
University of Denver1/15/2020
University of Illinois at Chicago1/15/2020
University of Massachusetts Amherst1/15/2020
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1/15/2020
University of Oregon1/15/2020
University of Southern California1/15/2020
University of Vermont1/15/2020
Villanova University1/15/2020
Wabash College1/15/2020
Wellesley College1/15/2020
SUNY Maritime College1/15/2020
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences1/31/2020
Colorado State University2/1/2020
Hobart and William Smith Colleges2/1/2020
Hollins University2/1/2020
Indiana University Bloomington2/1/2020
Ithaca College2/1/2020
Marist College2/1/2020
Morehouse College2/1/2020
Muhlenberg College2/1/2020
Nova Southeastern University2/1/2020
Rhode Island School of Design2/1/2020
Rose‐Hulman Institute of Technology2/1/2020
SUNY University at Buffalo2/1/2020
SUNY, University at Albany2/1/2020
Susquehanna University2/1/2020
University of Wisconsin‐Madison2/1/2020
Worcester Polytechnic Institute2/1/2020
CUNY Baruch College2/3/2020
CUNY Queens College2/3/2020
List College The Jewish Theological Seminary2/3/2020
Allegheny College2/3/2020
Howard University2/15/2020
Suffolk University2/15/2020
Florida Gulf Coast University3/1/2020
Florida Polytechnic University5/1/2020
Alfred University6/30/2020
Pace University7/28/2020

These Colleges are some I recommend to students of all majors– ROLLING ADMISSIONS -!

Adelphi University
Arizona State University
CUNY Brooklyn College
CUNY Hunter College
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Institute of Technology
Hartwick College
Hofstra University
Le Moyne College
Long Island University
Marquette University
New College of Florida
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)
Niagara University
Savannah College of Art and Design
St. John Fisher College
St. John’s University (NY)
SUNY New Paltz
SUNY Oswego
SUNY Plattsburgh
Temple University
The Culinary Institute of America (NY)
The Evergreen State College
The University of Arizona
University of Central Florida
University of Maine
University of North Florida
University of Northern Colorado
University of Pittsburgh
University of Tampa
Utica College
Valparaiso University
Wesleyan College
Wilkes Honors College of FAU
Xavier University