Educational and College Admissions Services


Undergraduate College Admissions coachBonnie  R. Rabin, Ph.D. provides her clients with ongoing and extensive one-on-one college admissions and educational  counseling. You’ll receive valuable pre-college academic advising and caring support to help you realize your passion and create your Strategic Educational and College Admissions Plan for success!

  • AP, IB, AICE, Honors- what classes will prepare me for success as an undergraduate?
  • What do I write about in my Common Application college admissions essay?
  • What courses, extracurricular and research activities increase my chances of undergraduate and graduate admissions while also creating opportunities for scholarships or undergraduate internships?
  • Should I attend graduate school or start my career?
  • Are we eligible for financial aid and how do we apply?

A typical college admissions consultant can provide you with “off-the-rack” answers to these questions. With three decades of university experience, Educational and College Admissions Consultant Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D. will help you to uncover your academic strengths and personal interests.
Based on Bonnie’s extensive knowledge of undergraduate and graduate curricula and degree requirements across all undergraduate majors, together you’ll create a personalized strategic plan to set and realize your long term educational and career goals.

  • Whether you love or hate science, math, art or writing, we’ll discuss some awesome cutting edge undergraduate majors and careers you probably never even considered.
  • Get pre-college academic advising to make a concrete and seamless connection between your high school classes and your intended college major.  Bonnie will help you map out a sequence of your high school and undergraduate classes so you are successful.

You’ll receive the ongoing support you need  including customized solutions to yield effective habits for time management, classroom learning, test taking and coping with academic stress.  One of my goals is to impart my clients with the skills to become confident and mature decision makers.  Be Inspired!