Congrats, you organized everything needed for your Early Decision application and now you are ready to coast into a blissful senior year.  Please don’t shoot the messenger—but you’re not yet done with your college applications (not to mention getting started on your Scholarship applications).  While ED acceptance rates are higher than regular acceptance rates, the hard fact remains that your application may still be rejected or deferred.  For this reason, it’s really important to have a short list of colleges  (see my earlier Blog post on selecting schools) and it’s time to begin the work on any college specific supplemental essays beyond the required common application essay you used for your ED application.  On your common application, add  the colleges  to which you will apply in the event that your ED decision isn’t favorable or if you’ve changed your mind (yes, you can release yourself from the binding ED decision in the event of financial or other special considerations).     If your ED application is deferred, it’s critical that your mid-year grade report be as solid as possible.   You will be given the opportunity  to submit supplemental materials to your ED application. If you’ve earned any new awards or taken on leadership positions in your extracurricular activities, make a point of updating your application.  Your GC can also send supplemental updates to the admission committee on your behalf.  Focus on continuing to do well in all your courses. Keep in mind that AP exams in May greatly impact your freshman year courses.  Familiarize yourself with the required scores to transfer AP credits and set goals to achieve those scores. While it is a wonderful feeling to potentially be done with the college application process use the added time to search for scholarships you may be eligible for and submit applications.   Our team is available to help with scholarship search, applications and preparation for interviews.