Financial Aid Services

College Admissions & Financial Aid Advising Anywhere Anytime! 

Financial aid adviceCollege Advisor Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D. provides personalized solutions to:

  • Set your educational goals while making an informed educational investment
    Universities offer substantial merit-based aid. Let me guide you to selecting colleges that provide an outstanding education with scholarships for your student!
  • Understand the true cost of your undergraduate education
  • Apply for and negotiate your financial aid award! Contact me to appeal your financial aid award!
  • What’s the real cost of attending college?
    Bonnie has the experience and expertise to guide you through negotiating and maximizing your financial aid award and assistance with your FAFSA.

Our comprehensive college admissions package includes our unlimited assistance in successfully navigating the financial aid process.

What’s the Real Cost of a College Education?

With the sticker price of four-year private undergraduate education approaching a quarter of a million dollars, students and parents often make the mistake of taking private colleges off their radar opting for seemingly less pricey in-state public tuition. Given that the annual cost of education can often exceed what most families set aside in their family budget for retirement saving and family housing costs, the investment in your child’s education requires careful and informed planning. DON’T BE MISLED nor UNINFORMED ABOUT YOUR CHANCES OF SCHOLARSHIPS at PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES.   Within careful academic planning throughout high school, our students receive tens of thousands of dollars in merit-based scholarships.

It’s essential to avoid making the costly mistake of basing the educational decision on an incorrect understanding and interpretation of the full extent of financial assistance available to the student. We will work with you to prevent any confusion and help you keep your focus on realizing educational and career goals cost effectively. Having spent three decades as a university professor, Bonnie has the inside experience and knowledge to maximize your financial aid package! She understands how colleges set tuition and how universities allocate financial aid dollars to incoming and returning students.

The comprehensive college admissions services package includes unlimited assistance in:

  • FAFSAUnderstanding the financial aid process
  • Integrating college admission planning with your likelihood of merit-based aid
  • Completing your FAFSA, CSS Profile, IDOC and school specific financial aid forms
  • Negotiating to increase and maximize your financial aid awards
  • Comparing financial aid awards for in and out-of-state options
  • Understanding your Florida pre-pay or other in-state prepaid tuition plan
  • Understanding your 529 investments and applicable IRS 1040 educational tax credit and deductions
  • Clarifying and comparing financial award letters: Instructional grants & Scholarships, work study, loans, Federal Pell Grants, Florida and other state aid, FSEOG, TEACH Grant, Bright Futures, Scholarship restrictions and criteria
  • Understanding Loan Options: Perkins Loan, Direct Subsidized & Unsubsidized Loans, PLUS Loan for parents
  • Making the best financial choice without compromising your educational goals
  • Guided Decision Making: Realizing your educational goals while making a wise educational investment

Of our many available customized packages, our financial aid package includes the above financial services.

We are pleased to share that most of our undergraduates requesting additional financial aid have been successful in securing additional funds in their financial aid package!

Collage application helpBonnie will help you to evaluate whether the actual sticker price of your financial aid award and the cost of education offers a potential return on the expensive educational investment facing your family.   What many families do not realize is that the “sticker price” is not only negotiable but there are significant educational discounts based on the difference between the actual published cost and your expected family contribution (EFC).  How a college meets that difference is up for grabs and subject to negotiation depending on a number of factors that relate to how interested an institution is having the prospective student join the diverse incoming freshman class.  Institutional financial aid can be in the form of work-study, grants (which do not have to be paid back) or loans.  The value and mix of your financial aid package  is  also subject to negotiation.   Your EFC as calculated through your completed FAFSA is a starting point that is negotiable.  We have the insider knowledge to help you negotiate and increase your financial aid award.

Scholarship Services:  Customized Search and Application Assistance

Of the millions of available scholarship monies available each year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are left undistributed. The most coveted and prestigious awards are highly competitive. The single most important factor in receiving serious consideration for any of these lucrative awards is a student’s high school GPA. Similar to college admissions, many other factors are considered for awarding various scholarships but not limited to an applicant’s extracurricular activities, religious affiliation, organizational membership, and personal characteristics which reflect the contribution each student brings to enriching campus diversity. Some grant money is based on financial need while many awards are unrelated to financial need. In many cases, a completed FAFSA will be required for disbursement of awards to be applied to payment of tuition and educational expenses. Scholarships are available by colleges and external institutions of a wide focus including scholastic, athletic, political and employer-sponsored organizations to name but a few of the amazing opportunities to fund your education.

Our Comprehensive College Admissions package includes:

  • Recommendations for appropriate scholarships for which you would be a good fit based on your academic, extracurricular and personal profile
  • Guided scholarship application assistance: including assembly of application materials, essay brainstorming and review of scholarship essay
  • Preparation for interviews with scholarship selection committees

You don’t have to be a “Jedi Master” to earn a scholarship. There’s an enormous number of interesting specialty scholarships available to you in addition to well-known prestigious awards. Scholarships are available through the schools you’ve applied to and through various organizations. Request your individualized educational analysis to match you to appropriate scholarships.