Graduate School and Professional Certifications

career advisor The decision to attend graduate or professional school is a major commitment as well as a significant expense. With thirty years of experience in university settings and as a Human Resource consultant with industry experience, Bonnie Rabin, Ph.D. has counseled young adults, reviewed graduate admissions applications and evaluated thousands of resumes from applicants applying for a variety of professional positions.

Bonnie has extensive experience navigating various curricula and programs and helping young adults explore whether attending graduate school is right for them.

Once you decide to attend graduate or professional school, Bonnie will provide expert knowledge in selecting and applying to the appropriate graduate program of study.

Whether you’re exploring earning your M.B.A., D.B.A, M.D., D.D.S., D.V.M., J.D., M.S. or Ph.D. – Bonnie understands curriculum requirements as you transition from your undergraduate degree program.  Get knowledgeable assistance as you take the next step in your educational and career journey!

The customized graduate and professional school package includes one-on-one guidance for:

  • Academic Assessment and Strategic Educational and Career Planning and Guidance
  • Review and refine extracurricular/organizational activities and achievements to create opportunities for internships, networking, learning, career growth and leadership
  • Research and Guidance on selection of graduate degree programs
  • Extensive attention in crafting your Graduate School Purpose Statement: Finding your niche, topic development and guided editing of multiple drafts
  • Guidance in preparation of the graduate application
  • Focused attention in submitting materials for your fellowships
  • Guidance in selection of an appropriate study abroad experience
  • Securing Professional Recommendations
  • Approaching your Current Employer to support your part time graduate education