Graduate School, Transfers & Career Coaching

Graduate School Applications, Transfer Applications & Career Launch

Professor Emeritus Bonnie R. Rabin, PhD has counseled thousands of undergraduates in her thirty-year academic career.  Pre-college academic advising for middle and high school students precedes her work with undergraduate students in these distinct academic and career advising roles:

graduate school advisor & client

Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D.  can help you answer the following questions:

  • Can I change majors after the sophomore year of college?
  • When do I submit my transfer application and when does my high school transcript matter?
  • Should I attend graduate school or launch my career?
  • What can I really accomplish at my campus college career fair?
  • What social network is most effective for finding my first job?
  • What’s the difference between an experience based and skill based resume?
  • What should I say during my interview or at a career fair?

Undergraduate Academic Advising and College Transfer Applications

The overwhelming number of choices for undergraduates during the initial years can be daunting.  I’ve worked with thousands of students to explore their interests and select or change majors. 

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Many undergraduates contact me unhappy with the level of academic advising they’re receiving. Some students are unclear about majors and degree requirements and haven’t yet received guidance on graduate school planning.  You’ll receive one-on-one academic guidance to assist understanding the sometimes unclear, complex degree requirements.  With many interests, academic advising is critical to hone in on a potential major or a possible minor,  including selecting courses for anticipated law, medical or other graduate and professional programs.

graduate school advisor
graduate school advisor & client

Transfer Applications and Non-Traditional Students
Some students start their academic path in a two-year Associates Degree program and require assistance in navigating articulation agreements and completing undergraduate transfer applications. Some students already know what they want to study, but the current campus doesn’t  “fit” as planned and a transfer may be appropriate.  Our work in handling your transfer application includes a detailed academic assessment as well as guiding students through the entirety of the college application and financial aid process.

Graduate School Applications

Law School, Medical School, Business School

Whether you’re considering an M.B.A., D.B.A, M.D., D.D.S., D.V.M., J.D., M.S. or Ph.D., Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D. understands curriculum requirements as you transition from your undergraduate degree program to graduate school.  Receive knowledgeable assistance as you take the next step in your educational and career journey!

Throughout your undergraduate years, just as in high school, you’ll be setting goals and taking the steps to realize your goals.  Educational and Career planning includes carefully selecting required coursework, electives, summer internships and volunteer opportunities that prepare you to be a successful graduate student and have a thriving career.

Whether you’ve known since you’ve been five or twenty-five that you would be an aerospace engineer, writer, physician, or own a business, having the academic and hands-on extracurricular experiences throughout your undergraduate years is absolutely essential before you enroll in a multi-year graduate program.   In undergraduate programs, students are encouraged to explore a variety of educational options, while graduate school is a decision that requires a  stronger sense of direction as enrollment is a serious investment of time and money.

bonnie r. rabin
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With thirty years of experience in university settings and as a Human Resource consultant with industry experience, Bonnie Rabin, Ph.D. has counseled young adults, reviewed graduate admissions applications and evaluated thousands of resumes from applicants applying for a variety of professional positions.

Once you decide to attend graduate or professional school, Bonnie will provide expert knowledge to help you select and apply to the appropriate graduate program of study.


The customized graduate and professional school package includes one-on-one guidance for:

  • Academic Assessment and Strategic Educational and Career Planning as early as the freshman year of your undergraduate career
  • Review and refinement of extracurricular/organizational activities and achievements to create opportunities for internships, networking, learning, career growth and leadership
  • Help selecting relevant graduate degree programs. Extensive guidance in crafting your Graduate School Statement of Purpose: Finding your niche, topic development and guided editing of multiple drafts
  • Guidance in preparation of your graduate application.
    Focused attention in submitting materials for fellowships.
  • Help selecting appropriate study abroad experiences
  • Securing professional recommendations

Are You Ready to Plan to Apply to Graduate School?

Career Coaching for New Graduates

Launching Your Career

If you’re a recent college graduate launching your career, Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D. provides personalized attention to help you most effectively present your skills and strengths to potential employers

    Customized Career Services include:

    • Guidance for successful job networking
    • The job search—finding the perfect fit between your skills, the right employer and the perfect position
    • Crafting a job or skills based resume 
    • Help in preparation and review of cover letters
    • Career coaching and practice for effective interviewing

    Be Inspired! Let me help you take the next step!