Thank you for your time .

Your voice matters.

Please show your support and consider attending a community inter-faith event in your local community in support of the victims of the Tree of Life shooting.

Just a short 6+ months ago we witnessed the horrific tragedy in Parkland. On the evening of February 14, 2018, I had written a message of Hope which you may consider exploring once again as we all seek to understand events taking place within our country.



This past Saturday morning, my daughter, a resident of Squirrel Hill, PA and Tree of Life attendee called to tell me she was safe and shaken to her core as a shooter was at-large in her neighborhood and an unknown number of congregants lay dead inside her synagogue.

One hundred years ago, my family immigrated to our country to escape religious persecution. Today thousands of families from several continents seek to do the same and are met with resistance and vilified. Hate is not new – it is disgraceful and dangerous. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR!

Today I prayer in a house of worship surrounded by armed guards. Am I enjoying religious freedom?

Hate is taught. Hate is stoked.  This is not what American stands for. Please show your voice of support and stand against hate.

You can do so with one act of kindness to a stranger.

You can do so more broadly as well.

Here are some resources distributed by the ADL which deserve our attention.

I make no apologies for this message. I guide and inspire young adults towards becoming empowered, productive and engaged citizens who continue to give back to their communities through their unique strength and passion.