Greetings Students and Families,

Your College Admissions Goals Haven’t Changed –

But Your College Plan May Need Adjustments during school and university closings.  You’re likely working from home,  cancelled summer plans and all your extracurricular activities are upended.

We’re not new to remote college counseling.  In fact, we’ve been serving our clients  throughout the US through virtual platforms for years.  Please read our Google Reviews as a quarter of our clients work remotely.  As a former educator-I’m confident I can help you with your instructional plans to stay on target with your academic and college admissions goals this year– please contact college advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD to explore ONLINE COLLEGE COUNSELING.

In these fluid and uncertain times, let’s discuss how you are staying on target to realize your 2019-20 educational goals and broader college admissions planning. Click to Schedule Your Virtual College Admissions Session with Online College Advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD.

Please recognize your role as a global citizen and member of your local community who cares for your neighbors and brings a positive spirit, now more than ever, to whatever your situation may be.

Bonnie Rabin, PhD, provides personalized online educational and college advising throughout the United States and in person in Boulder, Colorado and South Florida. Whether your student’s goal is to attend an in-state public or private university (e.g.University of Michigan, SUNY, UCLA, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Florida), or an out-of-state Ivy League or National University or liberal arts college (e.g.Stanford, NYU, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Swarthmore, Bowdoin or UCLA), Bonnie provides knowledgeable and personalized academic advising and college admissions planning to assist you in realizing your college admissions and educational goals.

What’s Unique About Online College Counseling and Collaborating with College Advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD?


  • Bonnie Rabin brings her clients 30+ years of experience in higher education. As a former university professor and Cornell Alumni Representative, she’s knowledgeable about undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, instructional design, teen learning and current educational trends in disciplines as diverse as STEM, Business, Humanities and the Creative and Performing Arts.Dr. Rabin can help you identify or hone your focus on your passion, support you in establishing an academic path, and aid you in identifying extracurriculars and summer programs that support the pursuit of those passions.

    She can identify and problem-solve any educational concerns you’ll encounter during high school and beyond.  Click to learn more About Dr. Rabin.


  • Online College Advising provides access to knowledgeable and personalized attention in an incredibly flexible-scheduling model to fit your needs and from the comfort of your own home. Meeting online is seamless with the same personal connections formed over the course of many meetings (and phone calls, emails and text) where we collaborate to answer all your questions and meet your educational and college admissions goals.
  • Many of our students are engaged and busy with extracurricular schedules. My online model allows us to schedule on short notice and/or during nights and weekends. Communications occur via e-mail, phone, and most often through virtual platforms (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.), where we are able to respond to families’ needs quickly.  My client’s success  is due to my responsiveness and unique knowledge set, rather than  geographic proximity.


Your situation and academic goals are unique. Your college counselor should move way beyond using an online program such as Naviance. These are some of the questions to be answered:

  • What academic majors fit your long-term interests?
  • What undergraduate research institutes will prepare you for medical, law or business school?
  • Are SAT or ACT tests required?
  • How do you learn best and what campus community will allow you to continue to discover your personal and academic interests?
  • What high school curriculum will prepare your student for college success? (AP vs. IB vs AICE)?
  • Which universities are more likely to offer scholarships?
  • Where to enroll after learning of your college acceptances?

Online College Advisor Bonnie Rabin, PhD provides personalized and knowledgeable educational and college planning. Whether you’re invested in your state’s tuition plan or you’re applying for scholarships and financial aid, we’ll discover the best college “fit” for your family and student’s educational and personal goals. It’s indeed never too early to begin COLLEGE ADMISSIONS PLANNING!


We’ve served clients from the East to West Coasts seamlessly.

Bonnie Rabin, PhD provides online academic advising, college counseling and college application guidance to students in high schools throughout the United States.

Our current and former clients reside in locations as diverse as Metro NYC, San Francisco, Boston, D.C. and Surrounding Communities, Westchester County, Boulder, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, Central NY (Syracuse, Rochester, Ithaca), Charlotte, Denver, Boca Raton, Minneapolis and many more.

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