Are your applications completed?  It’s time to recycle those essays and begin searching for and applying to scholarships that match your strengths and direction.

Please refer to my earlier blog posting on applying for financial aid — steps to apply and how to maximize your awards.


A few weeks ago I wrote a detailed note on the basics of financial aid.  If you have any questions about how to begin the process of filing your FAFSA and CSS Profile forms, please reach out to schedule a conference.  Parents—the FAFSA4Caster is a tool to make some predictions about whether you’re eligible for aid.  For those of you with unusual situations including declining income, divorced/blended families or if you are unclear how to value parental assets, give me a call BEFORE you file your FAFSA.  You may be surprised to learn that your family will be eligible for aid.

***Students – Please indicate “yes” to the question on the Common App regarding “need based aid”.

About this time of year, parents and students alike truly begin to appreciate the sticker shock of attending college and that the likelihood of receiving a scholarship is less than receiving an invitation to Harvard Medical School!  There are literally thousands of scholarships; yet of those that can make a dent in the Cost-of-Attendance, these are far and few between.


At no time should you pay anyone to find you a scholarship or submit your FAFSA for you.

Fastweb   is a powerful search engine and you can explore by ethnicity, religion, gender, and combine personal those attributes with intended major, sports, location, community service, etc.

“Niche” based—Use Google by ethnicity, gender and intended major.  For example, if you are an aspiring finance major, nearly every large national bank and brokerage house offers scholarships.  The same is true for chemists, engineers, computer scientists, journalists, etc.  Many government agencies including the FDA, NASA, NSA and State Department offer undergraduate scholarships!


Hispanic National College Fund

Ron Brown

Society of Women’s Engineers

Charities you/family are active participants over the long term?  Your House of Worship?

Many scholarships are offered to current undergraduates.  If you anticipate a significant amount of AP credits, you may qualify for these awards as your status upon enrolling may be “sophomore”.

Students can and are encouraged to join professional organizations in their intended field.  For example, the National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, Association for Finance Professionals, etc. all offer student memberships and undergraduate scholarships.


You’ll have been notified if your school nominated you for Pathfinder


George Snow





Read all emails from all colleges as you may be notified of selection for an internal scholarship that requires additional essays and other supporting materials.

For example – Here are a range of colleges offering highly competitive merit based scholarships unrelated to financial aid
CLICK: Vanderbilt Internal Merit Based Scholarship
CLICK Boston University Merit Based Scholarships
CLICK WUSTL Merit Based Scholarships
CLICK EMORY Scholars Program
CLICK Drexel Merit Based Scholarships
CLICK University of Maryland Presidential Scholarship
Continued best wishes for success during the admissions cycle.

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