First, a heartfelt congratulations to my students receiving acceptances many of these including substantial merit-based scholarships and invitations to Honors Programs!

2017 Acceptance to date: Rose Hulman,  Cornell University,  Rice,  Emory,  Penn State,  Michigan,  Pittsburgh, Northeastern, Syracuse, Arizona, Embry Riddle, Georgia, Tampa, FSU, UCF, USF, UNF, FAU, FGCU       

A reminder to all students, AP exams are only three months away. If you are struggling with difficult concepts, please reach out to me ASAP to implement a solution.  Please be mindful of our earlier discussions on engaging in ongoing review for scheduled AP and SATII subject tests. The month of April should be spent on review- not as a month of cramming for your May exams!



Nearly all colleges require applicants to submit Mid-Year grade reports (please check individual college webpages and admissions checklists).   This is the perfect opportunity to update your file and to express continued interest. First and foremost, regardless of whether you were deferred from the ED pool or if you are a RD applicant, this is the time to share any noteworthy accomplishments since submitting your application.

If you need assistance preparing your “update letter”, please contact me on appropriate tone and what to include.  Some examples of achievements to share: earning certifications, advancing to state or national competitions in any of your extracurricular activities, new competitions (essay, science, dance, sports?), completion of an individual project (wrote an APP, finished a story, participated in a Maker Faire, attended a poetry SLAM?) or  achieved/sustained a high GPA (especially for students with ‘rough start’ GPAs.)

Ideally, I encourage students to ask their H.S. Guidance Counselor to share noteworthy information for you directly.

Parents- please contact me directly for information to how to provide critical financial information to colleges impacting your ability to pay. The appropriate timing of your presentation cannot be overstated.

IS YOUR ADMISSIONS FILE COMPLETE? (That is not the same question as “Did You Send Everything?!”)

Despite many email and newsletter reminders, just this week two students were notified that a required component was missing from their application file.  For one student, it was a transcript (she had received the email confirmation that it had been sent (this is different from an email confirmation of receipt); and for another student, December SATII subject test scores weren’t received.

Please check, check and recheck all emails received from colleges to ensure your file is complete. Each college has its own unique features and not all colleges will notify you that your file is incomplete.  You are responsible for verifying that everything was received. Don’t overlook transcripts, test scores and recommendations.   I also highlight that at this time of year, FAFSA and CSS Profiles are also due.

Need assistance with your update letter?
Need guidance submitting financial aid applications?
Please contact Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D.  Educational & College Admissions Consultant

http://x9h.689.myftpupload.com   561.509.0021