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Here’s what some of our clients had to say:

college admission counseling

“If there is one person in this world who knows about the college and financial aid process its you Bonnie. You have been such a help and I don’t know what I could have done without you. Thank you Bonnie, you are the best.”
–  Dudy S. Son Kyle, Computer Engineering Carnegie Mellon University

“I am from another country so the college application process was completely unknown for me. I decided to look for an adviser for my son to ensure he had the tools to achieve his college goals.
“I intervieweNYU College Admissions Helpd 4 people. Bonnie was by far the best at explaining very clearly what her services were, what the next steps would be and she was by far the most professional.
“Hiring Bonnie was a very easy decision. I knew she was the right person from the beginning, If she could explain to me, someone who speaks another language and had no clue about the whole application process in such a clear and concise way, I was sure she could certainly communicate with my son. I was correct! We have had a great experience with Bonnie. Besides from being very professional , helpful, always available , etc. she is also a wonderful person. My son looks up to her and respects her. That certainly helps when trying to guide your teenager -(who knows it all) The whole complicated and long application for college process has been going very smoothly for our son because of Bonnie’s guidance.  My family and I feel lucky we found Bonnie and we highly recommend her.”
– Laura B., son,  Jupiter High ’18,  New York University Presidential Scholar (Full Tuition Scholarship) ‘ 22 Pre-Med

“My family and I feel very fortunate to have met Bonnie. I went to a college fair at the fair grounds. I was specifically looking for help for my daughter who was graduating in two years. I am most impressed by how on top of everything Bonnie is, I really liked the accountability she brought to the table. Bonnie has worked with students who all have different career choices. She pushes you to go for it, to apply to the top colleges, also helping the parents navigate the college financial aid process. I liked that Bonnie had the students start early on the essays since we know many they will need do. My daughter felt very relieved to have so much accomplished which gave her time to focus on keeping her grades up. I would recommend Bonnie to anyone.”
– Mary M.,   daughter Dreyfoos High ‘ 18

“I have no words to show my appreciation to the amazing Dr. Bonnie R Rabin. Her dedication to her students is exceptional, her expertise and experience are outstanding, her wisdom and endurance lead her students to the top of their performance at school and in life in general. My son Mikle moved to America 4 years ago. We were complete strangers in this country, and we did not have any knowledge about the education system here. I met Dr. Rabin at Boca Raton High School during their College fair. Since that day she has been the guide for my son to help navigate the difficult path, and to help him be prepared for the future and his first step: to be accepted into a top rated University in USA. As a result my son, who is senior, has been already accepted into engineering program at Purdue, Ohio state and Penn State. Thank you so much to Dr. Bonnie from the bottom of my heart!”
Natalia V.,  son Michael accepted multiple highly ranked engineering programs. Spanish River High ‘ 18

“Bonnie guided me through the entirety of the college selection and application process from organizing materials for my teacher recommendations, to helping to organize college visits, reviewing multiple versions of undergraduate and graduate and scholarship applications.  Her insights helped me to present my skills most effectively and I ultimately received acceptances at several top-tier engineering programs throughout the country as well as  a full ride at three schools and four separate external scholarships worth over $110,000 towards the cost of my undergraduate education.”
– H. A.   BS, MS  Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering, CEO Technology Sector

University of Chicago Admissions Help“Bonnie has been tremendously helpful during the stressful college application process with my daughter. Within a week Bonnie was able to review and edit all her early application supplement and common app information. She also introduced my daughter to schools that really fit her desired career path, and we are currently finishing up regular decision application months in advance. I highly recommend Bonnie. She is a wonderful resource and offers great guidance during an otherwise stressful process. Thank you Bonnie!”
Jennifer A. Brianna,  Early Decision Applicant  University of Chicago

“Bonnie was very thorough in reviewing my purpose statement for my successful graduate application for Carnegie Mellon University and the feedback she provided was invaluable. Bonnie was of great help to me in fine tuning my application for graduate school. She reviewed several drafts and commented on how the content could be made to attack the issues in the prompt in a direct and professional manner. The feedback she had given me was invaluable to the quality of my personal statement.”
– Guillermo G.   Carnegie Mellon University  MS Engineering, Reliability Engineer at Hewlett Packard, Houston, Texas

graduating college seniors celebrating

“My husband and I are quite grateful for Bonnie’s help through the difficult and stressful application process. She has been instrumental in my son’s applications being completed – and done well – far in advance of the application deadlines. Her responsiveness and hand-holding through the process for nervous parents has also been quite helpful. When she helped my son apply for various summer programs earlier in high school, we gained a good and insightful understanding of how she would work with my son for the college applications. She was extremely helpful then and now during his senior year.”
-Laura F.,  sons , Spanish River  ’18  & ’21

“Thank you Bonnie for all your hard work getting our twins into their first choice schools and choices! NYU BOUND For Isabella and Nick has wonderful choices. Can’t wait to see where he ends up. We could not have done it without you.”
 -Nina M.,   daughter,  American Heritage ‘ 18,  Early Decision NYU,  Son Nick, ’18 Colorado

“Bonnie is an amazing college advisor!! Having two sons, one in 8th grade and one in tenth grade, she has guided a clueless mom on what she needs to do as well as her sons planning for the future. She puts the responsibility on my sons without any pressures. She will be with my kids from now until they graduate high school guiding us along the way. She is flexible in her times and always responds to any questions even the silly ones. As someone who is just starting the college application process, I have already learned so much and keep on learning every time we meet with her!! Thank you Bonnie for everything!! As you can see from her MULTIPLE five star ratings, we highly recommend her College Career Consulting Group!!!”
-Mary S., sons ‘ 20 , ‘ 23

“Bonnie is forthright, comprehensive, knowledgeable and proactive. She performs a valuable service and I highly recommend her company.”  -Larry H.,  daughter Lucy, Social Entrepreneurship Major, Northwestern

“Bonnie is amazing. She is thorough and so knowledgeable about her field. We’ve been using Bonnie for 2 years and she has been so helpful with guiding our son in the right direction with course selection and preparing him for college. She loves what she does and it shows. I can highly reccomend Bonnie and if you have a High School student look no further. Bonnie Rabin is the Best in Boca.”
-Andrea H.,  son, Grandview Prep ’20

Emory University Admissions Help“Bonnie is fantastic! I am thankful for her guidance and expertise in navigating through the college admissions process. Right from the get-go Bonnie gave my daughter the academic confidence boost that she needed. She made sure my daughter and I stayed on track, met all college and financial aid deadlines, and was there for any questions we had. Bonnie’s diligence, structure, honesty, and overall professionalism was invaluable throughout this process. I would highly recommend Bonnie and College Career Counseling to everyone. I am very impressed with the services and we are beyond thrilled with the outcome; my daughter will be attending the top college of her choice this fall!”
-Aileen C.,  daughter Kaitlyn Pre-Medical, Biology Major  Emory University – FULL SCHOLARSHIP!

“Bonnie Rabin is a great adviser and a wonderful person to work with. She responds quickly and is very direct about what needs to be done. She really understands the admission process and knows how to guide students through it. I would highly recommend her services, she has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”
 Alana  Transfer Student Geology Major SUNY-ESF

“Bonnie Rabin was an invaluable resource for my family during the college selection process. There is so much more to the process today than years ago and she knows all the ins and outs. She spent a great deal of time with us and took her role very seriously. She helped us in ways we never expected and it made the process much less stressful. I highly recommend her.”
-Richard G,  daughter Jupiter High ‘ 17  University of Miami Pre-Med ‘ 21

“Bonnie’s assistance was very valuable in guiding  me through the college application process. Not only is it helpful to have someone who knows how to construct essays, but having a guide who really knows what colleges are looking for is very comforting.  She made it easy to navigate the process and ultimately helped me to be successful in gaining admission.”
– Ami R.  Touro College New York City, Accounting Major

“I was impressed with Bonnie from the start. She is a no-nonsense advisor with a plan of action and the expertise to carry out the goals we set forth. Although I had been through the college admissions process twice before with my 2 sons, I knew it would be a different challenge with my daughter. Bonnie helped guide us in a direction I’m not sure we would have found on our own. She is also great at keeping my daughter on task with all she needs to do and taking the pressure off of me. For anyone looking for help with the college admissions process, I would highly recommend Bonnie with College Career Consulting.”
-Leslie F-G, daughter Rachel, Pre-Med, Biology Major, Emory University

college-admissions-help“Bonnie helped me gain admittance to Cornell University. She reviewed my application essays and gave me advice which was extremely helpful in crafting my application. Without her help I don’t know if i would have been accepted to Cornell. “
–  Jeff T.  Cornell University Biology Major

“If you are unsure about how to get what you want when it comes to college planning or building your career, you need to talk to Bonnie. Even after working with her for just a few months, it’s so obvious that she has the knowledge, the passion, and the drive to get people where they want to go. She really cares about her clients. If you want truly personalized college or career consulting, you’ve found the right place!”
-Madeline B.  Career Services Client

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your help in my financial aid process. It was an easy and smooth transition, and my family and I are so happy because I received an outstanding financial aid package ! (total tuition only costs roughly 24,000 from the original 60,000!) I am beyond excited over this. In the future, I will keep your contact information near so that I may email you to arrange meetings for other school-based pursuits. Thank you Ms. Bonnie!”
– Fay F.  Transfer Student, Sarah Lawrence

“Bonnie has been working with us for the last two years. I have also referred Bonnie to my friends and clients (I am a CPA) who have High School age students. Bonnie works with the Students in every way possible. In lower grades, she will guide your son or daughter through the maze of classes that need to be taken, clubs and even community service, By the time your son or daughter is at the end of tenth grade, the focus starts to shift towards finding the right college and eventually towards reviewing and assisting with College applications, College Application Essays, Financial aide, etc etc. Anytime I have ever called, there is an immediate response and she knows her “stuff”. I can tell, Bonnie really loves her work….and it shows. Bonnie is honest and straight-forward and will make it clear to you as the parent and to your son or daughter that everyone needs to put a lot of effort in to succeed, but she WILL guide you in the right direction. If you are the type of people who expects that you can pay for success without putting in any effort, you would be disappointed by anyone….and you probably would even feel extremely defensive and challenged by Bonnie because she is so straight-forward and to-the-point. Bonnie clearly demands the most of herself and also of those she works with. What you see is what you get with her. Bonnie is an incredible person and an unbelievable tool to help you and your family. If you understand that the whole process is a maze that needs hard work to get through, and you need a guide, I couldn’t recommend anyone more than Bonnie.”
-Avery Y. ,  son David, Boca High ‘ 20

“I was referred to Bonnie last year and would highly recommend her services for your children. She gets to the point immediately during our meetings preparing my son for college. Bonnie is an expert in planning for your child’s admission into college. She specializes in providing personalized assistance throughout the application process with her creative ideas. Thank you Bonnie!”
– Theresa Y,. son Boca High ‘ 20

“Bonnie gave great advice to my son for his grad school essay. She got him thinking and writing more like a mature graduate student,and not just rehashing the undergraduate applications.”
-Rebecca S.,   son Ethan,  Graduate Physics Applicant

“It is immediately obvious that Bonnie’s mind works rapidly, and that her life experiences deeply inform her comments and advice. She has given me much valuable advice for hiring and retention, interviewing techniques and performance evaluations. I have always found her clear-eyed business (Human resources and teaching) judgment very sound, and I think her suggestions should be followed closely. Said another way: she is serious, spontaneous comprehensive, wise and funny. For all these reasons, I recommend her highly as both an HR professional and as an educator.”
– Warren G.  Regional Health & Safety Manager
Handex Industrial Services, LLC, Metro New York City and Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“As I thought about transitioning from a career in teaching to going back to law school, I looked to Bonnie for some career advice.  She helped guide my law school search and gave me some pointers in preparing for the LSAT.  Ultimately, I decided to stay in teaching, but Bonnie’s experience and support was very valuable as I was thinking of changing paths.”
– Anna W.,   San Francisco Bay Area, California

college admission counseling“When I wanted to transition from teaching high school math to pursuing a PhD in mathematics at a top university, Bonnie helped me with the application process.  Specifically, she helped me edit and perfect my personal statement. She was available nights and weekends; always getting back to me.  I was accepted to several institutions, many with full financial support and appreciate the guidance Bonnie provided in the application process and in helping me make a decision from the many offers I received.”
– Adam K University of California at Berkeley PhD. Mathematics

“Bonnie was spot on in guiding my daughter, a Division 1 student athlete through the college application process.  She provided me with invaluable insights on the financial aid and athletic scholarship processes that contributed to my daughter’s receiving of college acceptances at four year institutions. She provided guidance when my daughter’s plans changed and continues to be a valuable resource as my daughter navigates the transition from a 2-year to 4-year institution.”
– Alicia A.,  Parent of Alana, Environmental Science Major, Monroe College,  Rochester New York

“Bonnie is insightful, helpful, and client-oriented. Bonnie worked with me to establish routines such as list-making and journaling to become clearer and positive about my professional skills. She helped me when I was deciding to change careers and she worked with me to make sound decisions and to see my options from different perspectives. I would recommend Bonnie for any one currently stuck in a rut in their professional life. Bonnie will help you get back on track!” – Laurel,  Bank Street School Graduate,  Teacher Private School Metro NY

“Bonnie’s advice proved very helpful to me in dealing with a supervisor whose actions flirted the lines of harassment. Thanks to her advice, I made a less aggressive choice of actions, but did notify HR about the situation so that it could be monitored.”
– Daniel E. ,  Boston MA

college admission counseling“Bonnie’s advisory services were instrumental to my admission at the NYU Stern Graduate School of Business. Bonnie was able to carefully guide me through the application and helped me craft compelling and thoughtful graduate school admissions essays. Her detailed critique of each essay question kept me thinking and sent me back to the drawing board for new ideas until the final product was pristine. Bonnie advised me from both an academic and a professional perspective and brought deep insight that will surely go far in my studies and career.”
– Dan A, New York University, Stern Business School, MBA

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