Greetings Students and Families!
Many of you have started a new school year today and everyone will be back in the classroom within the next few weeks!  How was your first day of school? I look forward to hearing your initial impressions about the classes & teachers having inspired you so far.  Students– please follow me on Instagram and I’ll see what you decided to post today – -maybe a great mathematics equation, maybe sports practice or an interesting lunch item!
Each new academic year is an opportunity for transformative experiences both within and outside the classroom.   Some of you will be motivated by the learning taking place in one or more of your  classes.  It is my hope that all of you find enriching and joyful extracurricular experiences both formal and informal to connect your strengths and passions.    Think about how you can further deepen your connections in existing clubs/interests and also become comfortable exploring new areas to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.   We measure educational and admissions success by the your learning/motivation, character and the impactful connections you’ve made within your “communities”.     Your year should begin by adjusting your Strategic Educational and College Admissions Plan.

Especially for Juniors CLASS OF 2020

  • This year we spend a great deal of time on college and major research.  Please schedule your back-to-school appt and also schedule another appointment six weeks after the initial appointment.
  • Test taking- have you confirmed your test preparation plans and test dates.
    ACT/SAT  and for those of you looking at competitive colleges: SATII Subject tests
7th to 10th Grade Students
This year continue to focus on time management strategies that don’t leave you overwhelmed and help you develop confidence in your ability to tackle the most difficult courses.  A goal for everyone – don’t blame poor teaching for a bad grade.  You have to learn the material – so let’s figure out external and self-directed ways to do so.
At our back-to-school and first quarter meetings we will aim to identify 1-2 new extracurricular opportunities either at school or in your community that introduce you to something new building upon your interests and strengths.
Especially for Seniors
 Secure commitments from teachers to write your recommendations (and the process to guarantee its completion).
Whether you’re done with your Core Essay, adjusting your final list of colleges, beginning or continuing work on college supplemental essays or just need someone to hold your hand (metaphorically speaking) and review everything while you hit the submit button -appointments online and in-person are available to meet your busy schedule.
Warm regards,