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Continued best wishes to everyone as AP exam week is underway, AICE exams are in progress, IB papers are being completed and students are preparing for their June ACT, SAT and SATII Subject tests.   Confused about which tests are required– please read my earlier blog:  COLLEGE ADMISSIONS PLANNING TIPS: TESTING – SAT ACT SUBJECT TESTS AP – WHAT’S REQUIRED

As our rising seniors (class of 2020) begin to recognize that college applications will soon become a high priority, you may be wondering what to do first.  College applications have many moving parts – the actual application itself can be submitted through the Common Application, Coalition Application or a college-specific portal.  Applications have many questions- and two sections in particular are those that allow the student to detail information on extracurricular activities and the required college essays.   In addition to the work each student will complete on the application, students will be required to submit their official transcripts, standardized test scores (these requirements vary across colleges) and teach recommendations.  Financial aid and scholarships require separate applications – but the choice of colleges has a huge impact on the merit aid you may receive.

Where colleges should I apply to if I’m interested in ….?  What college “Fits” me best? What should I “Major In?

In my earlier blog    Finding the Best “Fit” : Selecting a College and Major    , I focused on a number of ways to explore and compare colleges.   Colleges fit students academically, socially and financially- and I’ve discussed this at length in earlier blogs.

Let’s for a moment focus on discerning the differences in academics – and selecting a major:

Insights on selecting colleges:

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